Halo Burger – Shoreditch, London, UK

halo burger

Halo Burger, ‘the UK’s first 100% plant-based bleeding burger joint’ (flagship store at Pop Brixton) serving Beyond Meat, opened its second branch in London’s Shoreditch, this January.

Veganuary‘ was a real test for me, and Halo Burger made it a lot easier!

If you follow them on Instagram, you’ll know that they have an account, plastering their feed with delicious ‘food-porn’ images and videos.

Tell me more about Halo Burger

Halo Burger’s menu is insane – it claims to be the first “plant-based bleeding burger” (made with beetroot juice, and the burgers contain protein from peas, rice and mung beans). Don’t even get me started on its vegan signature sauces and cheeses… That’s not all, their breads are, get this: GLUTEN-FREE!

I popped in and gave it a go last month, ordering a cheeseburger. I was not disappointed. I am in no way a vegan or vegetarian, and this tasted almost as good as the real thing. Also, knowing the bread was gluten-free is what sold it to me.


halo burger

My review of the Halo Burger

I was advised to try Halo Burger’s vegan-stilton cheese instead of the ‘American’ and was pleasantly surprised! I can’t stand blue cheese usually, but this seemed ‘okay’!?!

I’m not kidding when I say that their signature burger sauce is something else… Packed with flavour, I’d describe it as a mild spicy-mayo (without eggs, obviously). One thing to note though: be prepared to get it everywhere! The sauce is just as messy as the ones you’d find in its meatier counterpart…

The bun? I felt like I was eating air: soft, fresh and gluten-free. For me, this (along with the sauce) was one of the best bits.

The patty? Okay, I’m going to be honest… It didn’t taste of anything. It just tasted like mush, but the flavours from the bread, cheese and sauce compensated. After taking a bite, I did check if it was “bleeding” and it was.

It feels weird to say but… The burger, although healthier than its meatier alternatives, tasted pretty good overall.

Final words on Halo Burger

I’ll be taking my brother to sample the Smoky Carolina BBQ because, that just looks and sounds like it would taste bonkers! (Oh, and not forgetting their ‘chicken’ nuggets with ‘Don’t Have a Cow’ fries – dashed with Himalayan pink salt).

After doing some mouthwatering research, I found out that Halo Burger’s Pop Brixton branch sells fried vegan Magnum ice creams… So, umm… This begs the question: why am I still typing and not there right now!?

If you’re in Brixton (or Shoreditch) and fancy some dirty, filthy junk food *with a healthy, vegan twist* – make sure to drop by Halo Burger. You won’t regret it!

P.S. why not play their arcade game while you wait for your order? Situated right next to the counter, you can’t (and won’t want to) miss it!

Overall rating: 3.5*

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