Netflix – Love Is Blind

love is blind

‘Love Is Blind’ is a new American dating series that is trending on Netflix. What is it? Well, it’s basically a hybrid of Married At First Sight, 90 Day Fiancée and The Circle… It’s a social experiment that checks if love really is blind.

Tell me more about ‘Love is Blind’

Singletons are put in a house (women in one apartment, men in the other) but date/speak to each other through walls in a pod, until they propose to each other… Only after the couples are engaged, do they see each other for the first time before going on holiday to Mexico. Their weddings will happen at the end of the series, after passing the family and friendships test (if they stay together).

Although ‘Love is Blind’ is a crazy concept, I can kind of see how things can get intense and deep so quickly. The pods, being in that type of environment, away from the real world 24 hours a day for like 8 days… It’s bound to get intense too quickly. It’s still surreal to watch, though.

It’s addictive for sure, so thankfully Netflix has been rolling out it out in nuggets, which is helpful for my social-life.

Only ten episodes have streamed so far, followed by the final five coming next week…

Trailer for Love Is Blind, Netflix

Want to know my thoughts on ‘Love is Blind’?

My favourite couple? Lauren and Cameron. They seem to have a soul connection that’s pretty intense emotionally.

Jessica & Mark? Well, they seem to only be together because Barnett rejected Jessica for Amber – even though he was in a love-square with Jess, LJ and Amber. Mark’s feelings for Jess are real, but it’s clear she’s still hung up on getting burned by Barnett (Matt).

LJ is a legend who deserved a lot better. As the series progresses, Jess seems still hung up on Barnett, even though she’s with Mark. They [Mark & Jess] didn’t last. He fought harder than she did, and tried more than she did. Mark deserved better. They initially went their separate ways on episode four, but are somehow clawing their way at it still because Mark doesn’t want to give up on it.

Barnett & Amber? I wasn’t a fan of Barnett at the beginning, but Amber seems to be good for him. He’s quite cheeky and he can be seen as a little bit of a douche if you don’t understand his personality. They seem to be the most sexual of all couples (bar Giannina who was keeping a count of how many days she’d been celibate for)!

Kelly & Kenny = too cute. Such a laidback couple, five episodes in. They seem pretty genuine. Also, apparently, Kenny is great at kissing. Kelly made sure to tell us all, a billion times! I love, love! (Also – these two were the only ones who focused more on communication and their emotional connection than sex, which is amazing).

Diamond & Carlton’s relationship was going swimmingly until Carlton dropped a bombshell that he was bisexual, which shouldn’t be a big deal. But, I suppose, he should’ve been honest from the get go – before they got engaged.

Secrets are never a great sign of a relationship. I feel like he was only on the show for the holiday, because the way he spoke to Diamond at the pool in Mexico was very disrespectful.

Damien & Giannina: ADORABLE! They were both bullied growing up, Giannina especially, which makes her seem a bit timid and low in confidence, but Damien helps raise it. He makes her see herself for what she is: a stunning human being. She also helped him with his problems too, a real team!

love is blind

My final say on ‘Love is Blind’

I definitely recommend that you tune in if you love shows like The Bachelor and Love Island.

Love is beautiful. When it’s right and pure, it’s unfailing and unwavering. Kudos to them for trying this experiment and I hope it works for them. We will see what comes out of it, next week and so on…

Do I agree that ‘Lice is Blind’? I’m sure I’ll be finding out soon enough.

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