Gloria Italian – Shoreditch

gloria italian

Happy International Women’s Day, Gloria Italian!

In a change to the usual theme of food blog posts recently – burgers, I’m reviewing one of London’s best Italian restaurants, Gloria!

Stepping into Gloria Italian

Stepping in from the hustle and bustle of kitschy/hippie Shoreditch, this restaurant looks grand and very up-market. The decor and ambiance has a very regal vibe!

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a massive fan of gardens and nature in general… Well, Gloria looks like an indoor and outdoor garden. I know what you’re thinking: ‘it looks like Christmas decorations in there…’ Nope, this is what it looks like all year around!

gloria italian

If you’re a lover of wine, the walls in the back room double up as a four-wall in-built wine rack with an array of wine bottles stashed in each compartment… So, if pollen isn’t your thing, alcohol might be!

Let’s discuss the food… We got a very delicious Focaccia Della Nonna for the table to share – which – I sadly didn’t get a photo of, but was delightful! There was a thyme aftertaste to it that is an acquired one for sure, but I ‘acquired’ it (like Facebook does absolutely everything nowadays).

Gloria Italian – Pizza

What did I get for my main course? PIZZA, of course!

gloria italian

Think parmigiana (aubergines) – but on a Neapolitan pizza with San Marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella, mozzarella fior di latte and basil. Honestly, this pizza was one of the best I’ve ever had outside of Italy!

The base: fresh and doughy – just how I like it! The only thing I would say RE: the flavour is that I’d have preferred it to have a little bit of a spicy kick. However, I know not many people like chilli, so I can see why it wasn’t added as a compulsory ingredient. I’m pretty sure it’s optional and something that could be requested.

My final thoughts on Gloria Italian

Do I recommend Gloria Italian? Yes, because it is glorious! This restaurant is the Gloria Gaynor and Gloria Estefan of the catering/restaurant industry!

Rating: 4*

Ciao bella/bello!

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