Another post about Coronavirus and the last that I will write…

So, right now, it’s tough. I’m not the first, nor the last person that will remind you of this. I mean, it’s the hardest thing to escape. The whole world is gripped by this pandemic. The whole world is at its feet, life as we know it has ground to a halt.

The purpose of this post is to take the shine away from the three biggest problems and highlight the millions of little blessings. It’s human nature to focus on our problems as opposed to the solutions… But, now it’s more important than ever to stop.

Research shows that a weak mental health has detrimental effects to our immune system. Of course, we need a high immune system to function and beat/prevent this virus.

Let’s start being grateful for the little blessings that [in the grand scheme of things] outweigh the three of our biggest problems… The world is being forced to acclimatise to a new way of living, so we might as well change our way of thinking!

Three problems we face because of Coronavirus

  1. Coronavirus fear of catching & spreading it.
  2. Being restricted from the outside world – bad mental health and/or being in a domestically toxic household.
  3. Not seeing our loved ones in person.

And now for a list of all the things we have to be thankful and grateful for, everyday blessings we forget to focus on or even take for granted…

Three things to be grateful for since Coronavirus

  1. Good health. We ourselves are not suffering from the complications of Coronavirus.
  2. Healthcare. First world countries have the best healthcare. The NHS in England is doing an amazing job all things considered… Also, it’s still possible for us to contact our GP and pharmacy via phone, or have things delivered to our home address.
  3. Waking up every morning. Think of all those not making it through the night, not just because of Coronavirus, but every other disease and/or natural causes.
  4. Breathing!? The people who are sadly and tragically suffering from the worst strain of Coronavirus and/or pneumonia can’t even do this unaided…
  5. A roof over our heads. Homelessness isn’t eradicated because of this virus… There are still people out there with no home.
  6. Food on the table. People in third world countries are suffering from hunger as well as Coronavirus. Our supermarkets might be limited, but there is still stock. It’s still possible for us to get the basics of what we need.
  7. Our jobs – even if furloughed. We can work from home or if not (in case of furlough) there is still money coming in. There are people out there that are sadly jobless.
  8. Technology. We live in a time when we can FaceTime our loved ones, and this helps us feel less alone.
  9. Home gardens/balconies. There are people out there that don’t have a garden at home and can’t enjoy the summer weather that the UK has been getting.
  10. Avoidance of natural disasters. Speaking of the weather, do you know how lucky we are not to be in a country that is being torn to shreds by bushfires, earthquakes, typhoons or hurricanes?
  11. Avoidance of war. Do you know how lucky we are to not be in a war-torn country while all this is going on?
  12. Having self-isolation buddies/housemates. There are people out there that are self-isolating alone, have nobody to speak to and watch TV or eat at the dining table with.
  13. Saving finances. We are all saving so much by not having to travel and get lunch at work. Also, any holidays, festivals or gigs we booked are being refunded or converted to credits to re-book at a later date.
  14. The ability to soul search. Now is the best time to do some soul-searching and self-discovery. There are no distractions.
  15. The ability to go out for walks to clear our heads. Most countries that experienced lockdown were locked in their houses, weren’t even allowed out for an hour or exercise. They had to carry an official note to say “leaving to pick up prescription / doctor appointment / buy items required from shopping list” or risk imprisonment or a serious fine.
  16. The free time. We have so much time on our hands to watch that boxset, read that book, study that course (more on this later), learn to cook, learn to clean, make more memories with those we live with but don’t see because of other commitments.
  17. Studying. The Open University is offering FREE courses to study anything from Maths, Science and English to Psychology, Languages and Finance in the comfort of your own home – online – at your own pace. Go find your calling!
  18. Free to do what we want, when we want (indoors). The saddest part of lockdown is that there are people out there who used to use the outdoors as an escape from indoor domestic violence. Do you know how lucky we are to be in a safe home where we are not made to feel victim?
  19. This is just temporary. This isn’t permanent. We will be reunited with our loved ones.

19 whole reasons to be grateful that I can think of… Three problems. Now do you see? Shift that thinking to change your life.

Final words on Coronavirus

Of course, there are some really awful drawbacks to lockdown that should never be ignored. Mental health and.. If you are victim of domestic violence, please visit:




You are not alone.

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In a change to my usual blog posts, I wanted to write one relevant to the current situaton.

It’s a very challenging time to say the least, but I’m here to hopefully offer some advice.

What we know about COVID-19

It’s a respiratory-system attacking virus that thrives on low immune systems. The older and/or weaker your immune and respiratory systems are, the higher risk you are of contracting the more severe symptoms.

Although there is no cure or tablet to take for preventing COVID-19, there are some supplements that we can take to support our immune system.

Boosting our immune & respiratory systems against Covid-19

We’re all asking the same questions… How do we boost our immune and respiratory systems?

Vitamins. Exercise. Sleep. Essential Oils. Limiting exposure to the outside world, taking protective measure when needed.

Vitamins to take protect against Covid-19

Vitamin C – found in fruits and vegetables. In the US, some doctors treated COVID-19 patients with 1500mg Vitamin C dissolving tablets. Why? Well, Vitamin C is vital for boosting the immune system.

Here’s a news story that backs this claim

Vitamin D – can found in sunlight and supplements/spray form. Vitamin D is very important for the immune system. Flu and colds are at their weakest in summer… Why? Well, the sun is out. And, the sun is the best and main source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements are vital during the winter and autumn months, as they keep flues and colds at bay.

Here’s an article that supports this point

Omega 3, 6, 9 – you can get Omega 3, 6, 9 from fish and Cod Liver Oil. Beware: Cod Liver Oil capsules tend to lead to a reflux, which brings the fish oil back up… Gross!

For more information on taking fish oil supplements during this Coronavirus pandemic, click here

Zinc – found in fish, some vegetables, beans/pulses, seeds and some nuts. It supports the growth and development of healthy immune cells. The healthier the immune cells, the better the likelihood of beating or preventing this virus.

Find out more about the benefits of zinc by clicking here

Vitamin B Complex – Vitamin B helps the body make new red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. It also helps keep the immune system strong. Biotin is essential for healthy hair, nails, and nerve function.

More information on Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight off infection. Foods rich in vitamin E include nuts, seeds and spinach.

Read all about vitamin E

Vitamin A – new research suggests that vitamin A helps the immune system ‘forget’ past infections, supports to build immunity, and leads to a more tolerant immune system lessening likelihood of infection.

Vitamin A – the benefits

All these supplements, although not proven to cure or prevent coronavirus itself have been proven to increase and strengthen the immune system. According to what we know, a strong immune system is what we need to fight this virus. It’s a no-brainer really…

Other ways to protect against Covid-19



Do a home video, or go out for a walk/run… Move more where and when possible.



Sleep for eight hours, and sleep deeply. Having problems doing this? Spraying lavender oil on pillows before sleeping helps. Also, practice sleep hygiene.


Essential Oils

Essential Oils? Oregano oil and doTERRA Onguard.

Having regular steam baths help. Infusing essential oils into a steam bath (bowl of boiling water), stand with head over it, placing a towel over your head as you inhale helps to support, clear the respiratory system, cleansing it of any blockages.


Limit going outside

Don’t go out for picnics or to celebrate 420. Go out for walks or to get food. But, wear gloves and masks while out, to protect yourself.

Please stay safe, stay well and stay blessed. Special thanks to those at the front-line from retail employees who stack our supermarket shelves, to the medics that treat us and delivery people that deliver our parcels. Without them, it’d be much, much worse.

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