Josh Wood Ammonia Free Dye

ammonia free dye
Josh Wood Ammonia-Free Dye and Sulphate-Free Wash

It’s hard to maintain our healthy tresses during lockdown, especially when all the hairdressers and salons are closed. Enter: ammonia-free dye.

Today, I’d like to share with you my hair-care saviour… Josh Wood! His multiple award-winning Josh Wood Colour turned me from a grandma (98 shades of grey) to 28 (my actual age).

I’d been looking for a natural but permanent DIY hair-dye that doesn’t damage hair for ages!

At what felt like day 4,000,000 of lockdown, I had a brain wave: “what would happen if I typed in ‘ammonia-free permanent hair colour’ into Google!?”. Josh Wood happened. Oh, and I haven’t looked back since.

The problem I had with boxed non-permanent hair dyes was they didn’t last long. I was dying my hair every 3-4 weeks. I wouldn’t advise this at all!

Josh Wood Colour is made from ‘hydrolysed quinoa’ (which sounds like a vegan superhero) and shine complex (which sounds ultra-glam). It’s plant-based and not tested on animals!

The results of Josh Wood Colour ammonia free dye

The result is shiny soft hair, with long-lasting colour.

You’ll notice from the picture above that I bought a shampoo and conditioner too. This is to lock in the colour for longer because: ‘permanent’ isn’t long enough… I need it to last well into the Afterlife (not a documentary by Ricky Gervais).

P.S. I am a frizz ball – something which for years I’ve tried to pass off as “curly”. I’m not worthy of that claim! So, the Frizzy Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner was The One for me.

FYI: the shampoo & conditioner is free from sulphates and all other nasties that strip hair from natural oils and pigments.

Basically, these products are salon-quality from the comfort of your own home! “DIY glam” if you will…

Few more things… (’cause there really isn’t just ‘one more’ where I’m concerned)

Firstly, I made a post-purchase discovery… The ‘Gloss‘ hair mask, which I absolutely NEED!

Typical ‘mii that right after I made my order, I’d find out that the Josh Wood online store stocks a highly pigmented mask – temporarily dyes the hair – while in the shower!

My hair fades to about five colours – thanks to the previous bleaches and hair dyes I’ve put on it… So, this mask will restore it, to one all over colour – allegedly lasting up to 6 washes! *adds to basket*

Make Josh Wood Colour’s ammonia free dye last longer

Application of the mask, with instant result

This ‘gloss’ mask is supposed to work in-between colouring, to lock in moisture and enhance pigment in our hair. The way it works is: right after shampooing, you’d apply this before rinsing off after 20 mins.

The other thing I wanted to mention was: I also discovered some root touch-up products too!

Although my problem is ‘mane-ly’ my roots (you’re absolutely welcome!), I do have faded balyage… Any time my hair fades, it finds a way to go ginger. I have absolutely nothing against gingers. I’ve never seen a ginger shade I didn’t like!

It’s just- my white/grey roots, black/brown mid-section and ginger two thirds through to the ends is… Well… Exactly!

  1. Root Smudger
  2. Root Marker

I haven’t purchased and/or tried either because I prefer to do an all over colour, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be highly pigmented, completely natural and work well to cover the whites/greys too.

Only down side – limited shades. There’s only a brunette and a blonde range. Sadly, there isn’t a ‘ravishing redhead’ range! I hope that’s coming soon…

Have you tried these products? Let me know your thoughts!

Stay safe, well and blessed. Stay home!

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