21 Goals to Stick To In 2021


Happy New Year! 🥂🍾 🎉🎊

New Year’s resolutions? Who actually sticks to them for longer than the first two weeks? If you’ve managed to, you’re a hero who deserves to be celebrated.

Before I go any further, here is a true story… In 2018, I had the bright idea of doing Veganuary, so I went cold-Turkey on meats (include the pun) and just lived on quinoa and plant-based foods.

Fast forward to a fortnight, I’m struggling to get out of bed, dizzy as anything and suffering from vertigo. At the doctors, I was told I “should’ve phased it in as opposed to just quit it entirely overnight”.

Therefore, due to the evident fact that I simply cannot stick to New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided a different tactic: goal setting.

Here are a list of 21 goals that I will be “phasing into” my life this year, and you’re welcome to, too…


Make learning a new skill one of your goals

Whether it’s cooking, crochet or anything else that starts with a ‘c’ (other letters in the alphabet are available), get started…

If you have a passion for it, watch how it’s done and put it into practice (within reason, and excluding crazy things that you shouldn’t be trying at home!)


Creating a monthly budget is actual goals

It’s true that we’ve been saving a lot in lockdown, since working from home… But the reality is, I’ve actually been spending money on ridiculous things because I’m “bored” or depressed. This is NOT a good thing to be doing.

So, rather than continuing to do that – I’m going to set a budget and stick to it. For example, I will only be spending money on my outgoings (and things I need such as food) in a bid to save more “wonga”.


Read 12 books

12 books? That’s one book a month! It’s doable where ‘goals’ are concerned – especially when choosing shorter books (if you’re not into reading much).

Sorry to those who are regular readers of my blog, I may be repeating myself here… The thing I love about reading is you can get lost in the book, and feel as though you are on the journey with the character.

Of course, it’s not for everyone, but then again – I’d definitely say that if you’re feeling this way, it’s because you’re not reading the right books…


Start a side business

At this point, my blog should probably be called “Side Business” as it seems to come up in my posts a LOT! 😂

That hobby of yours, start charging and offering it as a service! The extra money you make from it can either be used to boost your savings, or spent on a holiday/experience post-pandemic.


Create a morning routine …and Stick to it

If your morning routine includes reaching for your phone first thing, you have a problem – one that I have too!

Get up, wash you face, brush your teeth, have a shower THEN go on your phone. I feel like this will speak to me more than anyone else! 🙈


Get rid of a bad habit

Bite your nails? Just do what I did (or not), and bribe your mum into buying you an iPad if you stop… Then, stop – only to later feel guilty about it, and buy it yourself! (In my defence, I was a teen at the time, and my mum was sick of me biting them)

In all seriousness though, that bad habit you have? Kick it to the curb! You’ll feel so great afterwards.

There is no denying that some habits are harder to quit than others, but – my point is: reward yourself after quitting with something you’ve always wanted.


Keep a gratitude journal

Make a list, check it twice to find out if you’ve been grateful or not, because ‘Blessings’ are coming to town! 🎶


Spend less time online

Here is another one written specifically for me… I have an addiction to my phone, and social media specifically.

There is a cool hack I’ve discovered which is also rather embarrassing, called Screen Time.

& OmG is it the wake up call that literally no-one wants… Finding out that you’ve spent a ludicrous amount of time on your smartphone, who TF wants that!? 😭

Taking it right back to the point at hand, Screen Time enables you to lock your phone after you’ve reached the limited number of hours you’ve allocated a day.


Eat healthier

Those five-a-days? Eat 10 of them. Get healthy and achieve those curb-cravings goals!


Create a fitness routine

No-one expects you to run a marathon or represent your country in the Olympics after starting your fitness journey…

Honestly, just go for a jog, whack on a fitness DVD or stream it on your TV in lockdown. It is sure to give you a spring in your step.


Travel to a new place

Lockdown called 📞 , it said “stay at home”. In that case, I assume this means just go to a different room (or a different park)…

After lockdown, travel to a new place in your country for a staycation (if you can’t travel abroad – as it’s probably wiser not to).


Declutter your home

Think of it as the ‘spring cleaning’ before Spring itself aka: ‘middle of winter cleaning’.

Research shows that a cluttered home makes for a cluttered mind. Start afresh.


Meditate every day

When people think of meditation, they expect it to be for 30 mins or an hour… Who made that a thing?!

Every time I mention it to someone who doesn’t do it, they’re always like “I don’t have time!” 🤯

Newsflash: if you’re doing it right, you could feel the same benefits of meditation in just five minutes.


Keep a diary

I bought a five year diary in 2020. & what a year to invest in one! 😂

Last year was filled with “Lockdown Thoughts”. Let’s see what the other four have in store…


Drink more water

Stay hydrated. If you’re struggling to, you can download an app that can tell you when to drink water – or even buy a smart-water bottle.

Alternatively, just follow Twitter accounts dedicated to drinking water and turning your notifications on.


Make time for self-care

Do something for yourself each week/fortnight or month. Whether that’s running a bath, putting on a face mask , whatever it is: give yourself that well deserved “me time”.


Reconnect with friends

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life’s too short. Surround yourself with loved ones.


Set a bedtime and stick to it

A good sleeping habit is so important. A set time for your body to rest is healthy for your skin, your hair, your organs – everything. The body repairs itself while we sleep, so a regular sleeping pattern is vital for wellness…

If you’re like me and suffer from insomnia, practice sleep hygiene.


Push through with your career goals

There’s no time like the present when it comes to revisiting old career plans, goals or dreams. Rise and grind!

Whether it’s a career change or a promotion, work towards it. Take action!


Create An Emergency Fund

Covid has certainly messed up our economy, no-one knows what the future holds.

Be grateful for the now and put some money aside for emergencies. Your savings will come in handy one day (hopefully not in an emergency setting).


Give to charity

Last Christmas, I felt guilty – big time. The fact that I had everything I needed, and there are people that didn’t really didn’t sit right with me. So, I was thankfully in a position where I could donate a little more than I usually do each month.

You don’t have to just donate, you can fundraise or volunteer too!

Charities I’d recommend in the UK are:

1) Crisis – for those in a crisis who need support

2) Samaritans – a comforting and listening ear for those who need to talk

3) Age UK – supporting the elderly

4) RSPCA – rehoming and saving animals from cruelty and neglect

5) GOSH – there for children who are ill and need treatment

6) Shelter – tackling homelessness

7) Trussell Trust – for underprivileged people and families living on the breadline

8) NSPCC – protecting children from abuse and neglect

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8 thoughts on “21 Goals to Stick To In 2021

  1. I love this list of goals for 2021! Keeping a gratitude journal is such a great idea! I’ve always tried to keep to a set bedtime but always failed – maybe I’ll have to give it another go! Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year to you too! It’s part of my diary (the gratitude journal), I make a list of things I’m grateful for each day. Sleep is so important! Hope you get to set a bedtime! Happy New Year to you too! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome, great minds think alike. 😁 Thanks a lot! You too! Wishing you all the success, luck, love, and good health there is to offer! 😘


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