UK Staycations to Take in 2021


Unfortunately, Covid doesn’t just end when the clock strikes 12am on January 1st…

As much as we all can’t wait to travel again internationally, it might be too much of a risk again this year – so: staycation.

Although it’s still not advised to travel abroad, who says we can’t bring abroad to us!?

There are some great staycation places to discover right here in the UK, offering the exotic vibes we’re all seeking!

Consider a staycation at Lizard Point, Cornwall

lizard point

No, this isn’t the Caribbean – it’s Lizard Point and Kynance Cove, in Cornwall. This place is my number one because it truly is a sight to beheld.

What about A STAYCATION in Bournemouth, England?


Want to pretend you’re in Australia’s Bondi Beach? The golden sands of Bournemouth beach are waiting…

Consider A staycation at Windermere, Lake District


With views that look too good to be true, Cumbria’s Windermere reminds me of being back in Switzerland.

How about a staycation in the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales?

isle of anglesey

A place of unmatched beauty and endless adventure, Anglesey is a historic island that’s brimming with character.

Consider a staycation in the Isle of Skye, Scotland

isle of skye

The Isle of Skye is one of wonder. Being the largest of the Inner Hebrides, it’s home to some of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes.

What about A staycation at St Ives, Cornwall?

st ives

You might think it’s St Lucia, judging by the picture, but it’s definitely St Ives… Famed for its sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery, St Ives is another place in Cornwall that’s worth a trip to.

How about a staycation in Bath, Somerset


Bath, the wonders of BathAncient Roman vibes galore, just buy a slice of pizza and you’re practically there! Even though Thermae (pictured) might be closed during the lockdowns, there’s plenty of other stuff to see and do in Bath.

Consider a staycation at Jurassic Coast, Devon

jurassic coast

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Lebanese originally, and this really reminds me of Lebanon’s Raouche (Pigeon) RocksJurassic Coast screams all things Mediterranean!

What about a staycation at Cotswolds, England?


An area of natural beauty, there are fields and greenery for days!

Whatever it is that you’re looking for from a nature’s perspective – whether it’s to frolic in fields, or just explore quaint villages, Cotwolds has it.

Consider a staycation at The Eden Project, Cornwall

the eden project

Cornwall is obviously the place to be, this summer… In the space of one post, three different parts of it have come up.

The Eden Project is one unique place, with a rainforest cathedral, a garden filled with flowers of South Africa and a Rainforest Canopy Walkway… It’s not to be missed.

What about a staycation at The Aspinal Foundation, Port Lympne?

port lympne

With views that look like they could be from a Kenyan safari, they’re actually here in the Kent. You can pay to stay at lodges, where the animals come up to the window!

This post was inspired by Jojo’s Cup of Mocha.

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27 thoughts on “UK Staycations to Take in 2021

    1. It really was, I didn’t get to travel much here in the U.K. during 2020 – but if it’s the same in 2021, I definitely will be. X


  1. These placed all look amazing. I can’t wait to travel. I never travelled much in the first place but now with all of the Covid mess I fear I may never get to!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They truly are! Me too, I know exactly how you feel – but: I have faith that we will be able to. It’s just a matter of when, and hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later! 🙂 x


  2. Hi Miamii! Thanks a lot for choosing to follow my blog. I’m so grateful for your support. I can’t wait to read more great posts from you. Please let me know if you’re on Twitter or Instagram so I can extend my support there too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My partner and I are putting together a list of places we would love to go this year in the UK, so this post is perfect. The Lake District looks beautiful, and I would love to travel to Cornwall again. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland. Here’s hoping we can travel safely this year. Thank you for sharing. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds awesome! I hope you and your partner have a great time – I’m sure you will. Yes, hopefully! I’m a little bit more hopeful this year with the vaccines, but who knows! 🙈

      You’re so very welcome! 😘
      Happy New Year! ✨👑

      Liked by 1 person

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