Why 2020 Wasn’t All Bad


Yes, 2020 was an awful year for the world as a whole with a global pandemic ripping through it… But, let’s focus on some of the very small mercies that we were able to enjoy in 2020…


2020: Lockdown dating

For the singles among us, the pressures of dating was relaxed a bit – with people video dating from the comforts of their own homes…

Granted, it wasn’t the same – but there are elements of it that I actually preferred…

For instance, you can get to know everything that makes them tick. They don’t have anywhere to go, neither do you – so you could spend a lot more time together.

Are you looking for good lockdown date ideas? Watch the same movies and text through them… Bake/cook together on video… Order a takeaway and video while you eat… There’s a lot that can be done from home!


2020: More time for self-care

Another great thing about 2020 was that it gave us a chance to put ourselves first. We had more time on our hands to work on ourselves.

I lost weight in lockdown, cut down on sugar, and had an image overhaul. I chucked pretty much all my clothes out and bought new ones!


2020: Better ability to save money

We all got a chance to really save this year. It’s actually been nice not having to spend money on travelling to work, buying lunch while there – or even paying for expensive holidays…

Most holidays were refunded, with others being either in process or postponed.


2020: Better work-ethic

Although we’re really struggling with the work-life balance and working from home every day, there’s no denying that we’re more proactive since being at home.

It’s quite nice not having to get up early to travel into work, we had the luxury of just switch our laptops on to get cracking.

Granted, there’s not much social interaction etc. but there’s no denying that we’re doing more, which leaves the door open to promotions, pay rises etc.


2020: Appreciation for life before lockdown

I’m pretty sure if lockdown taught us anything at all, it’s that we didn’t do enough with the freedom we had before it.

We’ll appreciate time with our loved ones more, time we spend travelling, or even just doing stuff without restrictions post-Covid.


2020: Getting in touch with nature

I was my neighbourhood’s answer to Snow White… 🙈 2020 was the year I met every single duck, goose and swan at the local park. I made friends with all the Robin Redbreasts and green parakeets too. 😂

Literally, 2020 was parks galore. With Parliament Hill Fields and Hampstead Heath not far from me, I was lucky in that I got to stretch my legs there in summer.


2020: Engagements

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were inundated with engagement posts. Congratulations to all who popped the question, and to those who ‘yes’ed it as God blessed it.


2020: Covid vaccine found & rolled out

At the very end of last year, the light at the end of the awful pandemic tunnel came… Two vaccines have been rolled out since. UK was the first country to start vaccinating.


2020: communities celebrated heroic efforts of the NHS and those on the front line

Claps at 8pm on Thursdays… Our neighbourhoods came together to spread some joy in very dire times, in a nod to the NHS and those on the front line for going above and beyond in the fight against Covid-19… That was a highlight for sure!

103 year-old lady veteran beat Covid-19, twice

2020: stories of vulnerables who kicked Covid-19’s butt

I certainly won’t forget when the news broke that 103-year-old veteran survived COVID-19 twice, or when a 102-year-old veteran also beat it. How miraculous was that!? ✨


2020: Families got more time to spend with each other

It’s a known fact that children grow up too fast, the silver-lining is that parents got a chance to spend some time with their children, even if homeschooling them was a bit of a mission!


2020 was the year of nature

With less poaching occurring due to travel bans, the animal population grew.

Less pollution also meant the air got fresher, and the Earth got a chance to do some repairing for itself, even though the human race was suffering with a pandemic.

Other good news stories to come out of 2020 include…

Captain Tom Moore

BLM movement took hold

A single foster dad adopted 5 siblings so they wouldn’t be split up into different homes

A dog was adopted into his forever home after spending more than 3 years at the dog shelter

A 7-year-old boy threw an at-home prom for his babysitter as hers got cancelled

A lady invited those who were alone and ‘feeling lonely’ to virtual Thanksgiving

4-year-old twins cosplayed as Trump and Biden for Halloween

A mum opened a ‘Special Kneads Bakery’ & hired her son who suffers from cerebral palsy

SpaceX launched two astronauts into space for first time

The craziness of Tiger King, it somehow brought us all together

Did you have anything good happen to you in 2020, no matter how small? I’d love to read them in the comments section!

May 2021 be better for all of us! The only way is up… ✨

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10 thoughts on “Why 2020 Wasn’t All Bad

      1. Nice!

        I had two trips to the theatre planned, both got cancelled. Then, had two holidays planned, and both got cancelled. So it wasn’t an easy year to say the least!


      2. I was trying to get to see Anastasia- postponed. Then Frozen (which was the one I was looking forward to the most). And Wicked- wasn’t fully disappointed due to already seeing it four times


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