Cute Ideas for Galentines Day


** This Galentine’s post’s inspired by the lovely Hannah from Illustrated by Hannah **

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romance, it’s for spending time with friends, roommates or family too…

Fact of the Day: for years, I didn’t have a Valentine! I dated a bit, but never settled.

So, if that doesn’t officially make me the official spokesperson for Galentine’s &/or Mumentine’s, I don’t know what will… (Yes, unashamedly, my mum was my Valentine)

Although I wrote a Valentine’s Day post about things to do to celebrate, all of them apply to Galentine’s Day too.

So, for variety purposes, this one’s also going to include gifts to get your Galentines!

If you’ve been following my blog since the end of last year (when I became more consistent with it), you’d know I’m a supporter of small businesses, and a huge fan of Etsy.

Before we get into gifts, let’s discuss stuff to do with your Galentines.

I wanted to start with the ones who live together…

Fun Galentines day ideas for roommates:


Have brunch delivered or make it yourselves – who doesn’t love brunch!?

Slumber parties – relive your childhood/teen-hood moments, just because you’re adults and living together, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a pyjama party or pillow fight, gossip about your crushes while donning beautifying face masks / giving each other makeovers!

Have a nail art party – getting your hands on a shellac kit easy, why not order some nail art and your favourite coloured nail polish too!? Get creative!

Start an at-home book club – if you’re both into books, decide on a rom-com novel and read/discuss together over wine.

Watch female empowering movies – whether it’s Wonder Woman, Little Women or Mulan, there is a nice enough selection of women empowerment movies out there. Hopefully, 2021 is the year where the list of choices grows!

Have an at-home karaoke – you really don’t need to buy a karaoke machine for this, just get up on “the stage” (part of your living room between your sofa and the TV) and belt out songs while sipping your favourite beverage. Why not belt out Who Run The World (Girls)?


Now for the sisterhood who live apart…

Virtual Galentine’s Day ideas:

Book an experience day – Virgin Red Letter or Experience Days have a selection of stuff from afternoon teas, to breaks away to a spa retreat. The best part is you get to save the voucher & claim it at a time that’s Covid-free.

Watch the same movies/boxsets and discuss them – Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix party) is good for that!

Bake together virtually – video call each other as you bake your favourite sweet treats.

Galentines Day

Okay, so – now for gifts! What to buy for your Galentine..?

Gift ideas for your Galentines:

Etsy has as a Galentine’s Day section, but I’m also going to list my faves below…

A candle

An afternoon tea hamper

Personalised name mug

A Galentines Day self-love treats hamper for 2 (if you live together, or for one if you don’t)

Friendship bracelets

The ‘show her how much you love her’ hamper

Crystals (if she’s into them)

A funny card to go with your gifts

Flower bouquet with a difference – the only gift idea not from a small business, I just added it because I’d love one for myself 🤣 (or a real one – from a small business)

A food and drinks hamper

A cute Galentine’s Day t-shirt

Mystery book


A ‘Love’ sign to hang on the wall

Looks like I’m all out of ideas… Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments section below. ✨

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3 thoughts on “Cute Ideas for Galentines Day

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, that’s incredibly kind of you! I love everything about this post and I’m glad that you created it. I can relate to spending valentines with my girls, weirdly enough I’ve been in relationships but I seem to end up single on valentines! I love the ideas you’ve come up with, they’re cute, relaxing and empowering. Just what every girl needs! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome! Awesome, I’m so glad. 😁 Same! I totally relate with being in relationships, but ending up single on Valentine’s Day. I’m a firm believer that this happens because the person you’re destined to spend your first Valentine’s Day with will be extremely precious, and well worth the wait. Hope you and your girls have a great one, this year! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely, I love your take on it! It will be even more special when the right person comes along…I’m glad that you’ve found someone special to celebrate with too! 💕


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