A Guide To Keeping The Bromance Alive This Valentine’s Day


Lads, I haven’t forgotten about you… I’ve done Valentine’s, Galentine’s and now a guide to keeping the bromance alive.

At this rate, there’ll even be a Petentine’s, dedicated to our furry companions! 🤣

Here are some ways to celebrate the bromance!


Ways to keep the bromance alive:

Games night – Call of Duty, FIFA or whatever else you lads like playing – play it (not that you need an excuse)! That’s right, continue putting that PS5 or XBox to good use!

“Booze up” – to celebrate your completion of Dry January, let your hair down – but please do it sensibly. Better still, challenge yourself by choosing alcohol free options.

Watch boxsets or movies – yes, Christmas is over, but you can still watch Die Hard, or better still: The Godfather. (Other films are available, ofc)

Create a bromance playlist listen to your favourite music and rock out to it!

Do quizzes – set up a quiz virtually or in-person. Oh, the return of Houseparty: the App.

Men’s grooming day – run a bath, light some candles, have a nap. Alternatively, you can get the beard trimmer out… Treat yourself!

Right, so now let’s talk gift ideas… If you’re looking to get your Guylentine something, here are some “bromantic” ideas… Again, small businesses on Etsy feature.


Keeping the bromance alive with Gifts:

Bath bombs in the shape of a game controller or smartphone – no lie, this is what I wanted to get my own brother as a stocking filler. Check out the Pacman one!

A men’s gift hamper

Nivea Men self-care gift box

Wallet and car-keys set – the stylish and on/trend essentials.

Cheese and chutney hamper – for the sophisticated man who has a more refined palette.

An experience dayan action or adventure day courtesy of Virgin Experience Days.

A game – guys love their. Be it poker, quizzes, video/computer, oh hell – some even mind!

Who said bromance is dead?!

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