Grow Your Blog While Working Full-Time

grow your blog

I’m a hobby-blogger, but I’ve come across full-time bloggers who are loving it! This post focusses specifically on how to grow your blog while maintaining a full-time job…

grow your blog

Grow your blog by writing your posts in advance

Balance is vital. So, I write my posts in the evenings or weekends, and publish them later.

If you’re running out of ideas for posts, check out Macy Michelle‘s awesome and very current list.

grow your blog

Schedule your posts

WordPress has its own version, but it doesn’t work for me… I end up manually having to post it – or else it stays in the Scheduled tab.

Instead, another way to grow your blog would be giving Tweetdeck or Hootsuite a try when scheduling your posts.

I’ve found that an 8:30am and 4:30pm UK posting time works for me at the moment, especially as I’m currently averaging two posts a-day.

grow your blog

Post on Facebook groups

I spent a chunk of my evenings on Facebook and Twitter, this is the only way to grow my blog – whilst keeping my dayjob.

I’ll share posts in relevant groups. For example, when I wrote my supporting small or local business post post, I found Facebook groups dedicated to connecting locals living in various regions across the UK.

grow your blog

Grow your blog on Twitter

Honestly, this is one of the best ways. The people you find on there are so engaging! They’ll support, follow, like and comment on that specific post you shared.

The Twitter handles I recommend you following and even including in your Twitter posts include: @BloggersHut, @GoldenBloggerz, @BloggersTribe, @bloggingbees, @theclique_uk, @cosyblogclub.

An example of this would be…

Another part of Twitter to take advantage of are the #hashtags. Look for ‘#WritersLift’ or ‘share a post’ threads. But, make sure that you actually follow the rules!

🌟 Following the account which started the thread

🌟 Retweeting the thread

🌟 Sharing others’ posts from the thread

🌟 Commenting on posts from the thread

The final part of Twitter which I find useful is the Lists. If you start by following the blogging lists, you’ll get a chance to engage with more bloggers, seeing the type of posts they share for inspiration. If you keep at it, they might even include you in them!

grow your blog

Grow your blog by making use of the ‘Discover’ button on WordPress Reader

I’ve met some incredible bloggers through this feature! I’ve grown my WordPress blog’s following and maintained engagement with all who I’ve found.

The best part is that you can type keywords into the ‘Discover‘ button and find likeminded bloggers, who write about that exact topic!

Also, if you’re on WordPress (or any other blog platform), remember to tag and categorise your posts.

Top tip: make sure your tags aren’t the same as your categories. Also, don’t use the same tags in multiple posts. My advice is: try to ensure they’re different each time.

Another top tip: don’t overtag. I’ve found that three-four tags work, maximum ten. Excessively tagging actually lowers your algorithm.

The final tip: sounds silly, tags are case-sensitive. Lowercase works best for tagging.

grow your blog

Pin stuff on Pinterest

I actually don’t know how to use this, so I’m not going to talk about it much… But, I’ve heard it’s great for others who decided to grow their blog.

grow your blog

Don’t stress, just be consistent

I’ve saved the best to last… You can throw so much money into ads, you can even guest blog – but there are no guarantees that your content will be accepted, or even that the ads will bear fruit.

My main advice is don’t stress. Just be consistent. That’s the safest and most organic way to grow your blog.

If you do it any other way, you’ll lose the enjoyment. Keep an eye out on your previous posts that worked well, and focus on reinventing (or advancing) on them.

Like I said, I blog for fun, as a hobby and for stress-relief… I can’t see myself blogging for money, because I’d probably lose the enjoyment I get from it. If that does happen later down the line, it’d be an added bonus I didn’t expect.

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14 thoughts on “Grow Your Blog While Working Full-Time

  1. This post is so helpful! I really struggle with being consistent – I tend to either do 3 posts in a week or none at all! A work in progress.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Scheduling posts has saved me so much time! It is such an easy process and it makes life so much easier!

    Amber | The Unpredicted Page


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