Blogging for Beginners

blogging for beginners

In keeping with the blogging theme, I thought I’d share a post specifically for blogging beginners…

Blogging for beginners

Do some research

My advice to blogging beginners would be create a blog stands out from the crowd (which is the only way, if you want to succeed). So, do some research!

Look for a missing piece in the blogging world i.e a topic or genre that’s niche, but also up-and-coming.

While you’re there – check out what others’ look like. This will give you ideas for when you make a start on your own.

Blogging for beginners

Blogging Beginners should choose a good title for their blogs

A title that sticks is important when you wish to grow and develop on it in future.

The key here is to make sure it’s not only creative, but sums up what your blog’s going to be about.

Blogging for beginners

Blogging beginners should invest in a good logo or theme

Branding and aesthetic are vital. First impressions really count.

The way your blog looks matters more than what’s on it, in some cases. Especially nowadays when people’s attention span for reading is getting shorter by the day. Take time into making it look appealing!

Blogging for beginners

Let your personality shine through

The worst thing you can do is write in the same way that you think “everyone else” writes. A successful blog shouldn’t/doesn’t feel transcribed, copy-pasted or robotic.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself or authentic. That’s how you attract the right audience for you.

Blogging for beginners

Be patient

Slow and steady wins the race… W’addup turts!? 🐢

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was your blog. Take your time with it, don’t rush perfection.

Blogging for beginners

Don’t stress over posts that fail or don’t do as well as you’d hoped

Blogging, particularly for beginners, is about trial and error.

If you’re going to be scared of failing, or posting something that doesn’t necessarily do well SEO-wise, there’ll be no posts on your blog.

Blogging for beginners

Be consistent

Another advice for blogging beginners would be: test out posting times/days to find which works for you and offers maximum engagement. Once you’ve found it, stick to it.

Blogging for beginners

Keep that passion and determination

Don’t lose the passion and determination. Keep things fresh. Ultimately, the most successful blogs are packed with posts about topics that the author’s passionate about. That’s how you win long-term.

Blogging for beginners

Have fun with it

Blogging should never feel like a chore… If it does, you’re doing it wrong.

Blogging for beginners

Engage with other bloggers

Build up your audience by engaging with other bloggers. If your content is what they’re looking for, you might even get the same back.

Having said that, don’t expect engagement. On the off-chance that it they don’t reciprocate, don’t take it to heart… It’s nothing personal.

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