Viral Videos To Get You Through Lockdown

Viral Videos

Lockdown isn’t for the fainthearted at the best of times, but to have gone through it three times?! I don’t know about you, but I’m bouncing off the walls!

How have I stayed sane? By watching endless viral videos, because the best viral anything spreads on the Internet only!

I’ve made a list of my favourite viral videos – both recent and classics!

Recent Viral Videos

A stunning UK mum, Sophie McCartney, went viral for her awesome remix of MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This. ‘I Can’t Teach This’ gives me so much life… Her moves and rap lyrics are a whole mood – because homeschooling isn’t a walk in the park. #: GRAMMAR TIME!

Who can forget Joseph and Sylvia from Doncaster? I just can’t get enough of this couple, who brought a bit of wholesome lockdown cheer by showing off their dance skills in this popular TikTok video.

The video of four year-old Milan Marie from Philadelphia singing ‘Leave Me Alone’ gets me every time… I mean, that’s exactly how I feel about this whole pandemic!

Classic Viral Videos

In lockdown, the funnest part of weekends became a trip to the supermarket… How sad is that!??? As a country (and universe), we’ve missed out on so many things. This super cool DJ, Rachel Leary, went viral for using the BBC News theme tune as her beat – re-creating club vibes by spraying some Febreeze in the air. Standard!

Everybody’s favourite work-from-home video before the world even started working from home… Children interrupt BBC News interview has to be one the funniest viral videos, ever. Unarguably.

Guy Goma… The man, the myth, the legend. Imagine going to the BBC studios for a job interview, only to be mistaken as a technology specialist – appearing live on air. Iconic AF!

I truly believe that this viral video of a boy dancing behind a BBC News Weather presenter at South Shields’ beach is one of the most underrated videos I’ve ever watched. What a hero! Make sure you watch til’ the end because it gets even funnier!

This video will forever be my favourite. It will never, ever get old. I could be 90, in a nursing home and still watching this back for some light relief. Mateo arguing his case for cupcakes is literally ALL of us – every day. It’s just, we’re arguing with ourselves over our lack of self-control.

Christmas might be over for a while, but this viral video certainly isn’t isn’t! Jackson – the four-year-old (at the time) threatening to “uppercut” Santa and “punch his beard off” for putting him on the naughty list, is an absolute LOLFEST! This is probably the most British video you’ll ever watch, and I am here for it! Poor Santa!

Rumour has it, Jackson didn’t stay on the naughty list for long, which means Santa got to keep his chin and beard in tact.

The video which proved that racism isn’t something you’re born with… What a wholesome exchange of two toddlers rushing to greet each other with a hug? In lockdown, we sure do miss hugs! Maxwell and Finnegan are absolute cuties, and remain besties til’ this day! We LOVE to see it…

One of the more recent viral video classics… Mr Motivator got us all moving after breakfast, last year. There’s no denying that his appearances brightened our mornings.

‘David After Dentist’ – just, post-anesthetic… This viral video will forever be a classic! I’m just so glad his dad recorded this video of seven-year-old David (at the time), because it’s since brought joy to so many!

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