Etsy – Local Businesses: FairyMoonCandlesUK

Following on from my newly written local businesses post, I’d like to re-post my favourite local business: FairyMoonCandlesUK.

(I have re-branded my blog, so I wanted to re-write my favourite posts to reflect that)

Pandora’s FairyMoonCandlesUK is a small Mancunian business which I discovered on Etsy.

Head Fairy, Pandora, makes beautiful handcrafted soy wax candles that are vegan and eco-friendly.

Before I delve deeper, I want to start by saying that FairyMoonCandlesUK combines everything I love in a candle: floral, healing crystals and fragrance.



The ‘Guardian Angel’ candle is a refreshing citrus-scented candle…

I love everything about it, from the fragrance, scattered rose petals and sequins to the citrine & clear Quartz centrepieces. Simply sublime!

If lemon isn’t your thing, there are other varieties that are just as stunning. All types can be found here.

In terms of packaging, the candle arrived very well wrapped in tissue paper, and tied together securely with a neat bow.

It’s fair to mention that I gifted this candle to my boyfriend’s mum last Christmas, he relayed her message: “she absolutely loves it! Super lemony, gorgeous too, thanks!

My mum also gifted a couple to her friends, this candle, to which their response was: “how unique! It’s very authentic.” / “it’s lovely, thank you! The stones in there are a great touch.” / “it goes perfectly with the decor [the recipient owns a beauty salon]”


Moving onto ‘Enchanted’ (pictured at the top), this is one of FairyMoonCandlesUK’s bestsellers!

This candle is lavender scented, and features a rose Quartz centrepiece. For those of you who don’t know, rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional (and universal) love.

The lavender is very fragrant but soothing all the same. Its relaxing properties make it easy to see why it’s such a bestseller.

The presentation and packaging of ‘Enchanted’ was identical to that of ‘Guardian Angel’. It arrived in a metal pot with a see-through plastic lid showcasing the stunning candle in all its glory.

Similarly to ‘Guardian Angel’, the silver sequins, mini raw clear quartz pieces and dried rose petals were a standard – this time, paired with a light dusting of lavender and a rose quartz statement piece.

Next on my list is FairyMoonCandleUK’s Moonlight candle (including Moonstone), followed by Sweet Dreams (featuring Amethyst).

It would be a dream to partner with FairyMoonCandles on scents & crystal combination ideas of my own.

Pandora, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for bringing joy to so many. Your candles and concepts are amazing!

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