Holland Park

I’m pretty sure you’re going to think I’m obsessed with Japanese gardens, because Holland Park (like Kew) has one.

Kyoto Garden is the best part of Holland Park. It has everything you’re looking for from a tranquil waterfall, Japanese maple trees, koi fish and a peacock.

Holland Park

I’ve always loved water features, Trafalgar Square is literally my favourite place, I spend a lot of time there in summer. But, waterfalls? Unbeatable!

A little fact about me regarding waterfalls, I got a job in Chiswick mainly because there was a faux waterfall in the business park. 🤣 “Picture or it didn’t happen”? I’ve gone one step further, and embedded a video below.

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Unfortunately, the Kyoto Garden will be closed between 19th and 21st April, to repair the pond, and improve the pond borders. The Koi fish have been moved to a holding pond and will be returned when the garden reopens.

Holland Park also includes a children’s play area, tennis court, football field, golf and cricket practice nets and netball facilities. If you get peckish, there’s also a cafeteria on the grounds.

As expected, the grounds are far-reaching, which means there are plenty of entrances to choose from:

  • North Abbotsbury Road entrance
  • Ilchester Place entrance
  • Duchess of Bedford entrance
  • High street Kensington entrance

Have you been or would like to? Let me know in the comments!

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