My Makeup Routine

Today, I’ll be discussing my current makeup routine… If you don’t care, and this isn’t your thing – just skip past!

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If the constant lockdowns have been good for anything, it’s strengthening my makeup game. Do you know how long I’ve spent practicing!?

Let’s get into my makeup routine…

I begin each application by cleansing and toning, for this I use Kiehl’s. This brand actually cured my teenage acne. It will forever hold a special, skincare-shaped space in my heart!

Serum and moisturiser? I use The Body Shop’s Vitamin C range. The serum doubles up as a primer, which I love. This range really wakes me up in the morning!

Eye-makeup? I used a mixture of Too Faced’s Natural Eyes pallet and Iconic London’s Nice To Naughty pallet. I started with the smoky black eyeshadow on my eyebrows, buffing it in with a spoolie – and then went on to create a ombré gold/pink glitter tone on my eyelid. For mascara, I used Benefit’s They’re Real. I applied the eyeshadows with the eyeshadow applicator.

Face? I started with Bourjois’ Healthy Mix concealer and set it all with Laura Mercier’s loose powder. I then went in with Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Contour Wand on the cheekbones, before applying the Cloud Paint by Glossier and Cover FX’s Custom Enhancer Drops to highlight. All of this was applied with a beauty blender, I don’t use brushes.

Here, I was closing my eyes because: God’s Grace is blinding

Lips? Christian Dior’s Diorific lipstick.

Finally, I finished the look off with MAC’s shimmery Prep & Prime spray ‘cause everything that glitters is gold!

[I mainly wrote this so I can drop the word ‘spoolie’ in there, I love it so much]

Before you *don’t* ask, nope this isn’t sponsored, I actually spent my life-savings on all products mentioned… I figured it’s cheaper to look a strong 7 out of 10 than it is to afford a mortgage in the current climate! Tell me I’m wrong?! Plus, all the products featured are long-lasting.

If you’ve successfully made it to the end of this post without falling asleep, congratulations you’ve won absolutely nothing! C’mon, guys – I’m not Ellen de Generes, I don’t have six figure $ cheques coming out my ears…

… or do I? 🤔😂

Anyway, thanks for reading. Bye! ✨

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