Thierry Mugler: Angel Nova Perfume

angel nova

This is my review of Thierry Mugler’s Angel Nova, a Christmas gift from mumzie

‘Nova’ is Latin for “new”. And, that’s quite fitting as it’s a NEW perfume which I’ve added to my collection.

Common! Let’s talk some Angel Nova ‘scents’

  • Top notes: Raspberry & Lychee
  • Heart notes: Damask Rose 🌹
  • Base notes: Akigalawood & Benzoin

Damask Rose’ is a rose from Syria – and a sustainably sourced ingredient, which is inline with Mugler’s innovative approach to fragrances.

My review of Mugler’s Angel Nova

This Angel Nova perfume truly is me in a bottle… It’s the perfect mix of fruity and floral… I know generally it’s either or… But, when the two scents combine in the right way, like this one does, just wow!

‘Angel Nova’ is not overpowering in the slightest… Personally, I’d wear it at night and during the day. What I’m saying is: I’ll wear it to my living room for a night out in Tier 4 Lockdown, but also on a trip down Co-op.

And now for the packaging… It’s refillable, #result! Eco-friendly and irresistible!?! What more could you ask for?

Also, I just love the design of the bottle. (Glass if I’m not mistaken?) “Nova” also refers to ‘supernova’ (stars), hence the shape… It’s great, perfectly fits in my hand – with good grip.

I’d give this 10*s if I could… It’s from my mum, and is just perfect.

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