Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation by Loren Ridinger

motives foundation

If you’re looking for a mineral foundation that’s liquid but dries matte, Motives Liquid Powder foundation by Loren Ridinger might just be the one for you!

I’m very picky with foundations, I buy a lot of them but hardly ever stick to any… 🙈

My favourite foundation for the longest time was Cargo Cosmetics’ HD Picture Perfect. However, now that I have Motives, I don’t look back…

motives foundation

Tell me more about the Motives Cosmetics brand

Motives Cosmetics was founded in 2008 by Loren Ridinger, a multi-faceted entrepreneur and influential figure for women empowerment.

Owned by parent company, Market America, Motives Cosmetics is a luxury cosmetics brand created with everyone, on any budget, in mind.

Loren’s purpose was to create high-quality, custom-formulated cosmetics that enhance true beauty while helping to nourish the skin.

If you want a comparison: Motives is sort of like Avon in a sense that you can become a brand representative. But, also Rodial (which has an affordable skincare and cosmetics sister company called ‘Nip + Fab’)

motives foundation

My favourite thing about the Motives foundation

There are a lot of things that I like about this foundation…

🌟 The fact that it’s made of minerals, is natural and doesn’t irritate my skin.

🌟 The way it sits (& feels) on my skin…

🌟 The look of it! It’s not cakey and doesn’t look like I’m wearing a mask.

🌟 I’m also obsessed with how although it dries matte, a natural glow still shines through.

🌟 The fact that it has SPF 15 in it… There’s literally no reason for to me to apply sunscreen separately!

motives foundation

The best way to wear the Motives foundation

I’d start by cleansing, moisturising and then rubbing a primer into your skin before applying this foundation.

When applying, I prefer using a brush, but you’re welcome to use a beauty-blender or hands. If you use a brush too, remember to clean it regularly!

In terms of primer, I’d recommend the Motives one. It’s nice and silicone-y, giving your foundation a smooth base – literally gliding on. Honestly, these two products go together like a match made in heaven!

My final step would be applying a setting spray, again I went with Motives’ one.

As an acne and blemishes sufferer, I prefer No More Shine. However, there’s also 10-Years Younger to choose from!

Setting spray is important at the best of times, but even more-so now, for avoiding the transfer of makeup to our masks… Although, having said that, makeup probably isn’t the best idea when we have to wear masks outside anyway!

Are you searching for tips on how to cure lockdown acne? I gotchu!

Have you tried this foundation – or are looking to? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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The Ordinary Cleared Up My Skin Blemishes

The Ordinary Cleared Up My Skin Blemishes

I’ve had the acne spots/scarring and skin blemishes of a pubescent-teen a lot longer than being a pubescent-teen actually lasts…

Way before Covid, I remember being in Selfridges about to throw major £££ at a high-end brand to treat them, when a lady stopped me to recommend I go to Deciem’s The Ordinary instead.

In that exact moment, I felt so many things… Awkward for myself being in that position, sorry for the salesperson, but also thankful to lady who recommended The Ordinary.

The Ordinary Cleared Up My Skin Blemishes

You might be pleased to know that me and my purse left Selfridges (because I was too cringed out to stay in the building), heading to Oxford Street’s Top Shop (where The Ordinary had a stall). Honestly, that’s when my life (and face) changed, and my bank-balance breathed a sigh of relief! 😅

I’ve always heard of The Ordinary, but I didn’t realise it could work so well for me. The fact that its products are highly potent scared me a bit… All I could think about was “What if they cause my skin an adverse reaction!?” Well, thankfully they didn’t.

The Ordinary Cleared Up My Skin Blemishes

What did I buy?

🌟 Salicylic Acid 2% Masque

Salicylic acid is gentle (and a must for those who suffer from skin blemishes). Even though it’s a charcoal mask, I’d still advise you to use it sparingly. My recommendation would be once or twice a week, as overusing can irritate the skin.

🌟 Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Niacinamide is a type of Vitamin B3 which combats acne, soothes inflammation and brightens the skin. With the addition of Zinc, this also helps regulate oil production, and getting rid of the excess.

🌟 Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%

This is a light, topical moisturiser which is packed with azelaic acid. In layman’s terms, azelaic acid is a kind of good bacteria that our bodies naturally produce. Its properties include: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and even prevention of build-up in our pores.

🌟 Retinol 1% in Squalane

As a squalane cleanser, this product is gentle but effective when it comes to removing makeup, pollution, dirt, and impurities. It also leaves the skin looking clean, clear and smooth to the touch – perfect for getting rid of skin blemishes.

🌟 AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Probably my favourite product, this peel is a deep-exfoliant which helps fight off skin blemishes and improves radiance. What’s more, is it helps the appearance of our skin’s texture, gradually reducing the look of fine lines. Pretty much an all-rounder!

Putting it bluntly, The Ordinary’s AHA 30% is a strong solution. So, a little goes a long way. I’d recommend using it no more than once a week.

🌟 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil or 100% Plant Derived Squalane

As you’ll come to realise, your skin will start to dry out when practicing this regimen. I guarantee you’ll be reaching for the oils in no time. When you do, give The Ordinary’s soothing rosehip or nourishing squalane a try.

The thing I love about both of these is that they’re 100% organic… They’re raw and filled with nutrients. My preference? I’d say rosehip.

The Ordinary Cleared Up My Skin Blemishes

My beauty routine for clearing skin blemishes:

Below is my morning regimen:

  • Cleanse (Squalane)
  • Salicylic Acid 2% Solution
  • Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
  • Suncream (I use Kheils)

Below is my evening regimen:

  • Cleanse (Squalane)
  • Retinoid serum (three times a week)
  • Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% (optional)
  • 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil or 100% Plant Derived Squalane
The Ordinary Cleared Up My Skin Blemishes

How this regimen improved my skin blemishes:

I don’t know what it is, but seeing %s and types of acids included on the label/packaging is always a major worry. Looking back, that was probably what put me off in the first place…

However, I was very pleasantly surprised by how gentle they were on the skin (when used carefully).

Honestly, they dried my skin out quite badly, but I suppose that’s what needs to happen for the acne to stop. I went from “OILS FOR DAYS!” to “dry skin AF”!

But, you get your skin under control, you’ll be able to move onto other product lines.

Have you tried The Ordinary? Let me know in the comments!

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The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver Instant Smoother


After 28 years of living on planet Earth, I have found the Holy Grail of primers!

I can’t shut up about how amazing this primer is. It makes for a flawless base, leaving my skin smooth and glowing both after and before makeup.

It revives tired and dull-looking skin, and is the perfect wake-me/pick-me up.

Did I mention how much I love that this product makes my skin feel soft, smooth and glowing even after makeup removal!? It’s genuinely amazing.

I’ve always been a fan of The Body Shop, it was my go-to beauty and skincare store since I was a teen so I’m glad it’s still maintained its great quality!

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Dr Organic: Aloe Vera Micellar Water


Are you looking for a natural, herbal micellar water that removes your makeup effectively? Dr Organic is the way to go!

I’m pretty sure you’re all aware of my love for aloe Vera by now… So, it’s only fair that I invest in aloe Vera makeup remover.

How to apply it

With a cotton pad. I add a few drops and rub across “la visage”!

What do I like about it?

It removes my makeup and smells quite nice while doing it.

What don’t I like about it?

There’s no filter to how much comes out. One drop is ‘A PUDDLE after it’s been raining for like two days nonstop’ amount. (I mean, a slight exaggeration but still).

Apart from that, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Want it? Click ‘it’.

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St. Tropez Gradual Tan – Watermelon Infusion

gradual tan

I’ve had to cancel two of my summer holidays this year because of Coronavirus and this lockdown

So, 2020’s summer is turning out to be one long ‘staycation’ – which I’d be fine with if I could get a spray tan and at least pretend I’ve been abroad… Alas, tanning salons are closed so, I can’t do that either!

FYI: I wouldn’t normally tan, I just want to make up for the fact that both my holidays have been cancelled by looking like they haven’t…

I’m going to be honest with you, although I’ve used sunbeds before – every time I’ve tried them (three times maximum), I’ve been scared poopless in case I get trapped in them, or they explode with me inside. I’m also scared of spray tans too because of Ross from Friends’ incident

Also – DIY ones need mittens as they can turn our hands and wrists into Tan Mom or Donald Trump… I ain’t about that life either! I’ve always said I’d rather look like Casper the Friendly Ghost than D T.

Instead, I’ve had to resort to at home gradual tan to get that Staycation look… Say ‘hello’ to: St. Tropez Gradual Tanning Lotion With Watermelon Infusion. I used this once and already look like I’d been hit with Instagram’s Valencia filter.

Oh, and it smells divine too. Who doesn’t like the smell of watermelon!? That, for me, is what summer smells & tastes like…

So, if you want to look and smell like summer, look no further than this gradual tanning lotion!

I love how buildable it is. Although, I have already reached my desired tan shade after just one use!

What do I love about this gradual tan?

  1. It won’t leave you looking orange. Instead, you’ll be left with a healthy, natural sunkissed glow.
  2. I am not a fan of using tanning gloves (not that I ever have) so this is a winner! It won’t streak around or inbetween your fingers.
  3. I am also not a fan of fake tan that transfers onto clothes and bed linen. St. Tropez’s Gradual Tan Moisturiser doesn’t transfer at all!

PRO TIP: I would exfoliate before applying just to avoid streaks.

How I applied the gradual tan

To be honest though, I didn’t exfoliate before applying and still couldn’t notice any streaks… Having said that: I do use a body scrub in the bath regularly…

I did read online though that some reviewers noticed streaks after using it, especially on wrists and elbows – so as a precaution and to avoid this please exfoliate before use.

You really can’t go wrong with this product! If you’re going to moisturise your whole body, why not choose a tinted moisturiser that gradually tans your skin at the same time? It’s summer after all!

Have you tried this? Let me know your thoughts. Also, I’d be happy to take any questions from those who are wanting to try it but have queries.

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Acne Blemishes Breakout Remedies During Lockdown


COVID-19 (or should I say COVID-20)… I don’t about you, but I’m already struggling to keep track of the days/months… Therefore, a little referring to the year we’re actually in never hurt nobody!

Unfortunately, dermatologists and beauty parlours are closed… So, getting a much needed facial or prescribed/specially medicated blemish-combatting lotion isn’t easy. Instead, I’ve been resorting to other ways of treating my acne!

It’s gotta be said that I’ve been battling with acne blemishes for years… Weirdly, it seems to have gotten worse during lockdown – which has made me realise that it’s actually stress and hormone-related more than anything else… A change of lifestyle/routine has thrown me off kilter and taken its toll on my skin.

As my acne blemishes appear in cyst-form across my jawline, it’s hard for me to take photos at the right angle to show you what I’ve been dealing with… Also, highly doubt you’d want to see that!

How I treated my acne blemishes

In desperation, I looked online and discovered that drinking two or three glasses of Aloe Vera juice a day for one week (stocked in supermarkets, Holland & Barrett among other pharmacies / whole food stores) clears up the skin nicely!

I did go one step further, though… I’ve been applying Aloe Vera gel on my face & neck twice a day too!

Yeah, I know… There is so much Vera going on in my life right now that I might as well change my name to it by deed-poll.

Side note: I’m also missing my workplace Aloe Vera plant – whom I’ve affectionately called ‘Sebastian’. Shout out to you, Sebass! Come to think of it, I might even dedicate this post to you my ‘bastypoo!

Video shows a vlogger taking the Aloe Vera Juice Challenge to clear up her acne

Alternative ways to treat acne blemishes

Positives… Let’s focus on the positives! Such as: I did have acne scars which have noticeably been fading – although I can’t confirm if that’s because of the Aloe Vera or The Ordinary’s peel.

Another positive: I’m 100% certain no-one (except for me) will be panic-buying Aloe Vera juice. It’ll be stocked in bulk at your local stores for a very long time to come!

As I mentioned above, I even tried The Ordinary’s acne range, which I’m sure works for most people, but sadly hasn’t worked in clearing it up completely for me. I was still getting fresh breakouts, even though I’d been giving it a go for a month! Once this breakout clears up, I’ll try using the range for maintenance.

To be honest, not even Kiehl’s and Liz Earle (which I’ve sworn by previously) helped this time around… I seem to have had some bionic invincible Coronavirus ZITS!

*DISCLAIMER: my skin was NOT made worse after using Kiehls, The Ordinary OR Liz Earle products, they just didn’t seem to clear them up either*

Final words on treating acne blemisheS

Aloe Vera juice (and aloe vera gel), however, has proven to be great, so much so that I’m planning to carry on with it as there are so many benefits to drinking Aloe Vera juice, such as: cleansing of the digestive system. The disadvantage? Taste. Don’t even get me started!

To summarise, ‘Coronavirus invincible bionic mutant ZITS’ can be cleared with patience… Aloe Vera juice & gel.

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