MLK Day: Children’s Books That Combat Racism

childrens books

Yesterday (18/01/2020) was Martin Luther King Day, marking 52 years since he was tragically assassinated.

The time is always right to do what is right.

Martin Luther King Jr.

The fact that racism is still prevalent in today’s society i.e. police brutality last year, and white supremacists storming Capitol building earlier this month, is horrifying.

They say that if we teach kids about racism from an early age, the injustices we face could one day be history! 🤞

So, I’ve put together a list of age-appropriate books which you can buy and read your kids at bedtime to help them become more aware.

childrens books

We March: I Have a Dream – Shane W. Evans

Seeing as this post is dedicated to Martin Luther King himself, I thought I’d start with a book which rewrites the empowering and unforgettable speech he gave in a way that kids of all ages can understand.

We Marchwas one of Kirkus Reviews’ Best Children’s Books of 2012, and is an important story about the African American civil rights movement.

childrens books

Sulwe – Lupita Nyong’o

Fun fact: Lupita is more than just an actress and model!

In this stunning picture book, Lupita creates a whimsical and heartwarming story which inspires children to see their own unique beauty.

Sulawe is a girl who was born with a unique midnight skin-tone, darker than those around her. Although she initially wants to be as bright or beautiful as her mum and sister, she later realises she’s even more-so after taking a magical trip into the night sky.

childrens books

Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea – Meena Harris

With President-elect Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris’ inauguration just a day away, this book, written by Kamala’s niece Meena couldn’t be more apt!

Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea’ is beautiful and empowering… It tells the tale of two sisters who work with their community to effect change.

Its message is simple: choose courage over fear!

Fun Fact: Maya is Meena’s mum and Kamala Harris’ sister

Another fun fact: this picture book was inspired by a true-story from Kamala and Maya (a lawyer and policy expert) childhood.

childrens books

I Am One: A Book of Action – Susan Verde

Also a New York Times Bestseller, ‘I Am One’ is a timely, compelling picture book that gently encourages children to take action – both big or small – in a bid to inspire change.

childrens books

Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness – Anastasia Higginbotham

Not My Idea’ is an age-appropriate book that openly discusses white-privilege.

It not only raises awareness of racism, but empowers the younger generation to work toward justice and to cultivate activism.

childrens books

Intersection Allies: We Make Room For All – Chelsea Johnson, LaToya Council and Carolyn Chai

Intersection Allies: We Make Room For All’ is a celebration of solidarity and community between nine girls from diverse backgrounds.

This book helps by showing the importance of a supportive community.

childrens books

Last Stop on Market Street – Matt De La Peña

If you’re looking for a picture book that focusses on responsibility, staying true to culture and finding fulfilment within our communities, ‘Last Stop on Market Street’ is the book for you!

It takes us on an energetic journey through a bustling city, highlighting the love and understanding between CJ and his grandmother.

childrens books

Black is a Rainbow Colour – Angela Joy

Black is a Rainbow Colour’ is a very moving book which reflects on the meaning of being a black person in an unbalanced community.

Its message is powerful, one of hope for the black community, a look at the culture, history, and legacy which lives on.

This book is an insightful and important read for children of all ages.

Other books include: All Are Welcome and All the Ways to be Smart.

Have you read these stories [or similar] to your kids? Let me know in the comments below…

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Netflix: The Fundamentals of Caring

the fundamentals of caring

If you liked my post about The Healing Powers of Dude, you’ll probably like this one, about The Fundamentals of Caring.

With a cast including Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez, it just has to be good!

The plot of ‘The Fundamentals of Caring’:

The Fundamentals of Caring, released in 2016, tells the story of Ben (Paul Rudd), a writer who retires after experiencing a great loss in the family which changes his life forever.

The grief from his trauma results in him taking up caregiving, and that’s when he’s assigned Trevor – a stroppy 18-year-old who has a passion for landmarks (played by Craig Roberts).

Sadly, Trevor was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy as a baby, and has been confined to an electric wheelchair ever since. What’s worse is sadly, those with DMD don’t often make it past 30. 💔

Upon discovering that Trevor’s never been on holiday before, Ben suggests they take a road-trip to see his favourite landmarks…

During their trip, Ben and Trevor bump into Dot on the road, a hitchhiker (played by Selena Gomez) – who ends up joining them on their trip. They’re later joined by another companion: Peaches, a pregnant woman in need of a lift. The four of them journey together, facing demons that were buried deep along the way…

My opinion on the movie:

Watching ‘The Fundamentals of Caring’ was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. However, I enjoyed the good balance of drama and light-relief.

Its message is simple: there’s hope for everyone, no matter what you’ve been through or what your past is like.

The film is comforting, and a must-watch for people who are struggling because it reiterates what we already know deep down…

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”

John Lennon

What about the cast?

The cast is an eclectic one to say the least, especially when you take their individual showbiz history into account…

I mean, Paul Rudd’s best know for playing Mike Hannigan in Friends. Selena starred in Wizards of Waverley Place and Craig Roberts played Rio Wellard in CBBC’s The Story of Tracy Beaker. The thought of the three of them acting in a drama just wouldn’t enter your mind… But, it actually works! 👏

I was blown away by Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts, in particular. The chemistry between them was unmatched!

As I said, Rudd is known for being a comedian – so seeing him in a different light was refreshing. His character was empathetic towards Trevor, he showed patience and resilience throughout. His performance was effortless, as was Craig’s.

And, if you remember Selena from Spring Breakers, you’ll know it wasn’t all that… I was glad she got the chance to showcase her talents here, though.

Overall, this is another one of those films that I recommend.

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The Healing Powers of Dude: A Netflix Original

The Healing Powers of Dude

Tonight, in a change to my Valentine’s Day series, I wanted to blog about a new (to me) Netflix original series called ‘The Healing Powers of Dude’.

As you may know, mental health and anxiety are topics I quite frequently discuss. And, ‘The Healing Powers of Dude’ is a must-watch for its lighthearted yet somewhat real portrayal of social-anxiety, particularly in the younger generation.

More than anything, I was glad to see Netflix streaming an original which focusses on mental-health without letting it play out in a dark or twisted way (like it did on 13 Reasons Why).

Plot of ‘The Healing Powers of Dude’:

This series, spanning across eight episodes, tells the story of 11-year-old Noah Ferris who is battling a social-anxiety disorder, which makes even the most simple tasks difficult…

Noah’s illness is so debilitating that he’s had to spend the years prior being homeschooled by his supportive parents.

In the first episode, Noah makes a brave decision to enrol into middle-school, and make friends with people who aren’t his family.

To help make school-life easier, Noah’s mum & dad get him an adorable emotional support dog called ‘Dude’ (hence the title: ‘The Healing Powers of Dude’) who – it’s clear from the start – has a larger than life personality! (Completely NOT a trait someone with social-anxiety would choose in another 😆)

Even though Dude has no experience in being an emotional support pet, he does have a short attention span which means he gets distracted by treats! 😂

Although Dude’s plans don’t always go to plan, he does succeed in giving Noah the courage to make friends with Simon (aka ‘Turbo’, another flamboyant character) and Amara.

The bond Noah and Dude have develops over time, and we finally start seeing Noah come out of his shell. 👏

Even though they have their fair share of fights, Dude sticks around through the highs & lows helping Noah face his fears, open up to his classmates about his disorder, and even bag himself a love interest, Valerie!

Basically: Dude is Noah’s wingpup, and I’m here for it! 🐶

My honest review of ‘The Healing Powers of Dude’:

Look, I’m not saying this show has the best acting I’ve ever seen, far from it, but at least the portrayal is somewhat relatable.

While I absolutely agree the special-effects seem exaggerated, what we have to remember is: it actually feels like this for people suffering with social-anxiety.

Now, the comedic spin of the show made it a little more lighthearted and family-friendly, something I kind of liked… Although, I do admit it is quite slapstick! 🙈

The main negative that I’ll pick up on is: from what I’ve heard, it’s not yet possible to take pets to school (or class) as emotional-support. So, that part’s definitely fabricated. Having said that, overall ‘The Healing Powers of Dude’ is definitely worth a watch.

Have you seen this Netflix original? What were your thoughts? Comment below… ☺️

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Films of the Year


I have relied heavily on the likes of Disney to pull me through the lockdown blues… I think you could tell by the amount of Disney movies featured in this list. 😂

Films of the year – 2020


Films of the year: #1

Soul (Disney+)

The only movie in this list that’s worthy of first place, in my humble opinion.

Joe is a primary-school music teacher who dreams of being a recognised musician. His true passion is jazz, he’s mighty talented. Unfortunately, his life didn’t quite go the way he expected…

But when he travels to another realm on a mission to help someone else find their passion, he soon finds out what it means to have soul, swapping bodies with a cat in the process.

The message behind this movie is simple: nothing is more important than memories & moments – time spent with people. Everything & anything else is greed.

Fun fact about this film: it was produced and recorded in lockdown. The actors / voiceover artists who starred in this film recorded their parts in a socially-distant studio, and were kept six feet apart.


Films of the year: #2

The Christmas Chronicles 2 (Netflix)

This was a film that I truly had high hopes for… Although I only discovered the first in its series this year, I was very excited to hear that a second was coming in November.

After watching it, I was quite underwhelmed (only because the bar for the first one was so high).

The adorable Katy Pierce is back, this time as a bratty teen (in the beginning of the movie). She resents her mum for finding love again so soon after her father’s death.

While on an island holiday with her family and mum’s new partner’s family, her resentment worsens to the point where she plots returning home in secret.

On her way to the airport, the caddy crashes, resulting in her being magically transported to the North Pole. It is there when Katy is reunited with Santa Claus, as a troublemaker (guy who crashed the caddy) threatens to cancel Christmas forever before Katy and her step-brother save the day.

There was a lot of resentment in this film, it was not filled with Christmas spirit at all. Having said that, the special effects and the visuals were on point as per usual.


Films of the year: #3

The Princess Switch: Switched Again (Netflix)

Interestingly, this is one which I wasn’t so sure about sequel-wise… After watching the first, I thought that it would’ve been better to end it there. I stand corrected!

At a time when Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne to Montenaro, she splits with her boyfriend Kevin. So her twin, Princess Stacy, hatches a plan to get them back together again in time for the Christmas coronation.

Stacy’s plan hits a snag as a third look-alike, Margaret’s evil cousin Lady Fiona, disguises herself as Margaret in a bid to steal the throne.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of Eastenders, you might recognise Ricky Norwood. I’m really glad he’s finally made it to Hollywood, as I always knew/hoped he would!


Films of the year: #4

Mulan (Disney+)

I have a lot to say about this one, and not much of it good…

First for the good, we STAN a strong female lead. The effects and the visuals are incredible too!

Now for the not so good… For one thing, Mushu (our beloved dragon) wasn’t in it. While I understand that dragons aren’t real and this is a live action remake, Hollywood featured a whole BEAST in the live action remake of Beauty & The Beast…

Another thing, the soundtrack of Mulan has always been an integral part of the movie. Where was it? I didn’t hear any! This was also a shame…

Plus, Disney+ charged a whopping £20 (excluding membership fee) just so people got an exclusive viewing. I didn’t, I waited for it to become freely available. I can’t help but feel sorry for those who paid!

Okay, so now my views are out of the way, let’s get back to the review of the film.

Mulan is back, only this time in real life. The plot is the same one we know and love, that’s about the only thing that stayed the same, to be honest.


Films of the year: #5

Wonder Woman 1984 (HBO Max)

This movie has been extremely long awaited, quite literally in fact…

The film was originally set for a cinema release in December last year, but then brought forward to November to avoid competing with the equally hotly anticipated release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

After some deliberation, Hollywood later decided they preferred a summer release, further postponing its release to June 2020 – which was later made impossible due to the pandemic.

Patty Jenkins and her epic story writing skills strike again… This film takes us on a time warp to the 80s, unarguably (depends on who you argue with) the best era. The absolutely stunning and fierce Gal Gadot is back as Wonder Woman, but this time finds herself making two new enemies: Max Lord and The Cheetah.

Although HBO Max is a streaming service that’s exclusive to the USA, signing up to NordVPN enables you to watch this, or any other American TV shows or films which aren’t available here. In fact, a VPN lets you stream stuff from just about anywhere around the world.

Say what you like about 2020, but streaming platforms have done the MOST to keep us entertained during lockdown!

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My Forgotten Disney Animal Classics

disney classics

I’ve put together a shortlist of some absolute animal classics streaming on Disney+, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Let’s be honest, some of these I hadn’t heard of (or at least don’t remember watching) before last year.

My list of forgotten Disney classics

disney classics

Homeward Bound (1993)

Think Home Alone, but for pets…

Probably the first of films featured on this list which I discovered on Disney+, ‘Homeward Bound’ tells the story of three pets (two dogs and a cat) who are left with petsitters while their owners go on holiday.

Believing that they’ve been abandoned (and from fear of being taken to The Pound), they run away from their petsitter’s house and embark on a journey back to op California to be reunited with their owners.

The bond between Sassy, Chance and Shadow is incredible. I have to say, whether I’m allowed to have favourites or not, this one is it.

*This movie can be found on Disney+*

disney classics

The Search for Paws (2010)

This is one of my Christmas favourites, and one which (again) I discovered on Disney+.

Santa Paws’ is another film that I only discovered after signing up to Disney+.

Santa Claus and his adorable fluffy companion ‘Santa Paws’ leave the North Pole behind and head for the US on an important mission…

They embark on the journey of a lifetime, to try and persuade the heir of one of their greatest supporters (toy store owner Mr Hucklebuckle) to continue his grandfather’s legacy or risk losing Christmas spirit forever.

*This film can be found on Disney+*

disney classics

Because of Winn-Dixie (2005)

One of the most amazing films I’ve ever watched (mostly because I had low expectations).

It’s seriously underrated and I’m tired of it being slept on…

Opal was abandoned by her mum at 10 years old. She ends up moving to a small town in Florida with her dad, who works as a preacher in church.

As a newbie in town (and someone who finds it rather difficult to make friends) Opal bonds with a stray dog who she names Winn-Dixie. Her father allows her to keep him, to their neighbour’s dismay…

With Winn-Dixie’s help, Opal starts making friends with some unlikely characters in the town, and even helps mend her relationship with her dad.

It truly is a must watch!

*This movie can be found on Disney+*

disney classics

Beethoven (1992)

A slobbering, larger than life St. Bernard puppy finds a forever home with a loving family, but an evil dog-napping vet convinces them that Beethoven is a danger, so the father reluctantly gives him up.

However, after finding out that it’s all lies, the family rush to save their pup and bring him home (and end up rehoming all the pup who were in kennel with Beethoven too).

*This film can be found on Amazon Prime Video*

Other Disney classics which I recommend:

disney classics

Doctor Doolittle (1998)

‘Dr Doolittle’ needs no introduction… It’s one of the most iconic films Eddie Murphy has ever starred in.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the film follows everyone’s favourite fictional vet, John Dolittle, who has a unique gift of talking to animals.

*This movie can be found on Disney+*

disney classics

Benji (2018)

This one is a tearjerker!

‘Benji’ is about an orphaned puppy called Benji, who is found and adopted by two school-friends.

The kids find themselves in danger when they’re kidnapped by robbers. But, have no fear because Benji and his stray buddy come save the day!

*This film can be found on Netflix, but to watch the classic ‘Benji: The Hunted (1987)’ on Disney+, click here*

disney classics

The Call of the Wild (2020)

I feel like this is popular, because if it isn’t, why the heck not!?!

It’s brilliant. For starters, it stars the legendary Harrison Ford!

This has to be one of the best films I’ve seen this year…

Buck is a loyal pup whose life is turned upside down when his loving owner John passes away.

Not long after this tragedy, Buck is uprooted from California to Yukon, Alaska to later become an integral part of a mail-delivery dog sled team.

In the middle of the film, Buck and his mail-delivery dog sled team are sent their separate ways, which leads to the meeting between Harrison (who plays an alcoholic who lost his whole livelihood). There, Buck tries to get him to quit the drink, and makes contact with a wolfpack.

He falls for the female wolf and they later create a family of their own.

So, this film is very bittersweet as things start to look up for Buck after he endures heartbreak. He not only experiences the adventure of a lifetime, but finds his purpose along the way.

*This movie can be found on Disney+*

disney classics

Lady & The Tramp – LIVE Action Remake (2019)

I have an admission to make, I’ve never actually seen the original (animation) Lady & The Tramp. However, I was in absolute awe after watching this LIVE action remake.

This is another type of film that doesn’t need no introduction…

Pretty much everyone has seen the iconic Lady & The Tramp, right!? In case you’re in the 1% who hasn’t, read on.

Lady’s an affectionate King Charles Spaniel who is loyal to her owners. Her owners end up having a child, and she feels pushed out.

While Lady’s owners are on a trip out of town, they hire Sarah, a pet-sitter who brings cats along.

Sarah’s cats are troublemakers who’s that live to wreak havoc, but she refuse to accept that they are capable of naughtiness, so blames Lady instead.

Hurt by Sarah’s accusations, Lady ends up running off and falling in love with Tramp, who saves her.

It’s truly fantastic movie!

*This film can be found on Disney+. Want to watch the animation? Click here*

disney classics

Turner & Hooch (1989)

Starring Tom Hanks, this film is iconic…

Detective Turner is seemingly very put-together until the arrival of Hooch, a brutish dog who’s the main witness of the murder of his owner.

*This movie can be found on Disney+*

What do you think of my list? Have recommendations? Let me know I’m the comments below.

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My Favourite Books Of 2020


Hola! Welcome back to my blog for another post… ☺️

So, in keeping with “variety is the spice of life”, which is pretty much my motto of the month, here’s another topic entirely: books.

This post was inspired by That Happy Reader.

Below I’ll list my favourite books of the year (all of which are romantic comedies, because I haven’t got time for anything else). I’m a lover and a laugher.

Before we get into it, let’s kick things off with my favourite writers of all time, shall we?

My favourite writers

  1. Lindsay Kelk
  2. Sophie Kinsella
  3. Jacqueline Wilson (had to add Jacqueline in this list, as an ode to my teen years)
  4. Meg Cabot

I can honestly say Lindsay, Sophie, Jacqueline and Meg have never written a book I didn’t like.

Since the start of writing this blog post, I’ve come across more writers that have piqued my interest. So, look out for my review of those in the coming months.

Books I’ve Read in 2020


Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey

This is one of those books that had me laughing out loud. It tells the story of Annie Cassidy, a screenwriter and budding movie journalist, who has her sights set on Tom Hanks… She ends up working on a film with her dream man, which coincidentally is being filmed in her neighbourhood… But, ends up falling for the lead actor, a cocky prankster.

Basically just more proof that what we think we want, we don’t always get.


Roomies by Christina Lauren

Christina & Lauren are simply unstoppable. They’re doing a lot to keep their title as New York Times’ Bestselling Author, because Roomies is dynamite. ‘Golden’ if you will..

This dazzling book tells the story of Holland Bakker and Calvin McLoughlin. Fake marriage anyone? Only, this “fake marriage” ends up turning into one with real feelings, oh – and it’s a set in New York. What’s not to love!?!

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord


I love the name ‘Emma’ and I love the Lord, it also helps that Twitter is my favourite social-media platform… So, all in all, a dead-cert book for me, and one that I knew I’d enjoy.

Think Gossip Girl and/or Mean Girls – it definitely gives off those type of vibes.

The plot itself is more You’ve Got Mail or A Cinderella Story, though…

Also set in New York, this book tells the tale of Patricia (better known as Pepper) who becomes close with her classmate Jack (who has a thing for developing apps) without realising his identity. They meet anonymously via school’s messaging app, but there’s a twist…

In real-life, Pepper runs the Twitter account for her family’s large fast-food burger chain. Jack’s family own a small downtown deli – selling a famous grilled cheese sandwich. Both Jack & Pepper end up in a Twitter spat over the alleged “stolen” grilled cheese sandwich recipe.

It has everything from teenage banter to Twitter spats. Fab-U-lous!


This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

Minnie and Quinn were both born at the same time, on the same day, in the same place. (Thankfully, not to the same parents or else that would be weird, disgusting and the word that sounds like ‘incense’!)

He is a privileged party boy who believes the world is his for the taking. She is a hard-working realist, whose lack of confidence tends to hold her back.

They meet on their birthday (at a NYE party) and embark on a friendship that slowly develops into something more, as Quinn tries his luck.


Would Like To Meet by Rachel Winters

Evie Summers is on the verge of losing her job, and the only person that can save it is her film agency’s client (who’s notorious for being its biggest but most difficult client), Ezra Chester.

Cutting the plot-line short, Evie is waiting for Ezra’s screenplay script. Unfortunately, Ezra is refusing to write the script (because of writer’s block) but bides time by asking Evie to prove that real love can be like the movies before submitting it… Good luck with that, Evie!

Probably the most ridiculous book I’ve ever read, but funny nonetheless hence why it made my list.

I’m looking to read more in 2021, and have started making a list of the books I’d like to get through. Any recommendations? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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My Christmas Movie List

christmas movie

Merry actual Christmas! 🎄

Today is all about the Christmas pyjamas, Christmas movies, Christmas food and Christmas spirit…

I know this year is going to be a very different Christmas to the ones we’re used to, but if it means saving our loved ones’ lives, it’s a no-brainer!

We will be with them again sooner rather than later, that’s for certain.

Okay, so I’ve blogged about Christmas food and Christmas pudding, but I haven’t blogged about Christmas movies yet, so I figured what better day to do it than Christmas Day itself…

Also, Christmas PJs? My favourite of the year is an ASOS number… Bought it for my mum and it looks incredible. 💜😍

Mine? I’ve got my standard Elf onesie and unicorn slippers on. Won the onesie at my work Christmas party last year. & the Unicorn slippers were a gift from Secret Santa. 🎁

christmas movie

Anyway, back to my original blog post…

I’m going to be focussing on less popular movies that you may not have watched before… I love to do that – besides, everyone I’m sure has heard of or watched the great classics: Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street, Frozen, The Grinch, The Santa Clause, The Polar Express, Elf, A Christmas Story, The Snowman etc.

My Christmas Movie list:

  1. The Princess Switch (Netflix)
  2. The Knight Before Christmas (Netflix)
  3. Christmas Made to Order (Netflix)
  4. The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix)
  5. Holiday in the Wild (Netflix)
  6. Noelle (Disney+)
  7. The Search for Santa Paws (Disney+)
  8. Christmas Wedding Planner (Netflix)
  9. The Holiday (Netflix)
  10. Jingle Jangle (Netflix)
  11. Angela’s Christmas Wish (Netflix)

What’s on my Christmas watch list for today? Whatever’s on TV and then a movie marathon of the below this evening as I’m certain the food coma is going to keep me up.

What’s still on my Christmas movie watch-list?

  1. Soul (Disney+)
  2. Arthur’s Christmas (Netflix)
  3. Holidate (Netflix)
  4. Godmothered (Disney+)
  5. The Nutcracker & The Four Realms (Disney+)
  6. One Magic Christmas (Disney+)

What’s on your list? I’d love to find out your recommendations…

Also, if you’ve seen any/all of mine, or it’s your first time finding out about them, I’d be interested to know your thoughts!

Finally, before I switch off, whatever you’re doing this Christmas, hope you have a good one!

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Netflix – Love Is Blind

love is blind

‘Love Is Blind’ is a new American dating series that is trending on Netflix. What is it? Well, it’s basically a hybrid of Married At First Sight, 90 Day Fiancée and The Circle… It’s a social experiment that checks if love really is blind.

Tell me more about ‘Love is Blind’

Singletons are put in a house (women in one apartment, men in the other) but date/speak to each other through walls in a pod, until they propose to each other… Only after the couples are engaged, do they see each other for the first time before going on holiday to Mexico. Their weddings will happen at the end of the series, after passing the family and friendships test (if they stay together).

Although ‘Love is Blind’ is a crazy concept, I can kind of see how things can get intense and deep so quickly. The pods, being in that type of environment, away from the real world 24 hours a day for like 8 days… It’s bound to get intense too quickly. It’s still surreal to watch, though.

It’s addictive for sure, so thankfully Netflix has been rolling out it out in nuggets, which is helpful for my social-life.

Only ten episodes have streamed so far, followed by the final five coming next week…

Trailer for Love Is Blind, Netflix

Want to know my thoughts on ‘Love is Blind’?

My favourite couple? Lauren and Cameron. They seem to have a soul connection that’s pretty intense emotionally.

Jessica & Mark? Well, they seem to only be together because Barnett rejected Jessica for Amber – even though he was in a love-square with Jess, LJ and Amber. Mark’s feelings for Jess are real, but it’s clear she’s still hung up on getting burned by Barnett (Matt).

LJ is a legend who deserved a lot better. As the series progresses, Jess seems still hung up on Barnett, even though she’s with Mark. They [Mark & Jess] didn’t last. He fought harder than she did, and tried more than she did. Mark deserved better. They initially went their separate ways on episode four, but are somehow clawing their way at it still because Mark doesn’t want to give up on it.

Barnett & Amber? I wasn’t a fan of Barnett at the beginning, but Amber seems to be good for him. He’s quite cheeky and he can be seen as a little bit of a douche if you don’t understand his personality. They seem to be the most sexual of all couples (bar Giannina who was keeping a count of how many days she’d been celibate for)!

Kelly & Kenny = too cute. Such a laidback couple, five episodes in. They seem pretty genuine. Also, apparently, Kenny is great at kissing. Kelly made sure to tell us all, a billion times! I love, love! (Also – these two were the only ones who focused more on communication and their emotional connection than sex, which is amazing).

Diamond & Carlton’s relationship was going swimmingly until Carlton dropped a bombshell that he was bisexual, which shouldn’t be a big deal. But, I suppose, he should’ve been honest from the get go – before they got engaged.

Secrets are never a great sign of a relationship. I feel like he was only on the show for the holiday, because the way he spoke to Diamond at the pool in Mexico was very disrespectful.

Damien & Giannina: ADORABLE! They were both bullied growing up, Giannina especially, which makes her seem a bit timid and low in confidence, but Damien helps raise it. He makes her see herself for what she is: a stunning human being. She also helped him with his problems too, a real team!

love is blind

My final say on ‘Love is Blind’

I definitely recommend that you tune in if you love shows like The Bachelor and Love Island.

Love is beautiful. When it’s right and pure, it’s unfailing and unwavering. Kudos to them for trying this experiment and I hope it works for them. We will see what comes out of it, next week and so on…

Do I agree that ‘Lice is Blind’? I’m sure I’ll be finding out soon enough.

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Little Women

little women

Happy Galentine’s Day! I’m throwing it back to 2019 a little…

Little Women has to be the best film I’ve watched since A Star Is Born.

I have yet to read the best-selling, one-hundred-and-fifty-year-old literature written by Louisa May Alcott – but the film made me buy it.

Little Women, trailer

Tell me more about ‘Little Women’

Director, Greta Gerwig, did Louisa May Alcott and the March family proud by bringing the book to life in the most tasteful and respectful way.

According to those who read the book before watching the film, Greta actually included most of dialogue from the book – unlike most literature adaptations.

Little Women follows a group of sisters from the March family who grew up in living in Concord, Mass, during and after the Civil War – when women’s purpose in life was limited to marriage and beginning a family. However, the March sisters (like all women) had talents that went further than just being a wife or mother… They wanted to be dancers, artists, writers…

What do others say about ‘Little Women’?

The New York Times writes: “The foursome varies by temperament and talent, inviting a mix-and-match game of identification and infatuation. The oldest, Meg (Emma Watson) is theatrical and responsible; Beth (Eliza Scanlen) is musical and sweet. The youngest sister, Amy (Florence Pugh), and Jo are a painter and a writer who are frequently at odds. Before romance, tragedy and the ordinary pains of growing up complicate matters, they are an inseparable if not always harmonious troupe. Jo writes the plays that the rest of them perform for an audience that includes various toys, their mother (Laura Dern) and Hannah (Jayne Houdyshell), the housekeeper.”

I’m sure that everyone will agree with me when I say that Saoirse Ronan was the perfect candidate to play the role of Jo, and played it very well!

To be honest, the chemistry between all four sisters is so strong and pure that it felt as though we were watching a real family. The right actresses were selected for the right roles, that’s for sure!

If you’ve yet to watch this movie but are planning to, be warned: it’s a real tearjerker. It’s the right mix of twists: joy, heartache and humour.

My verdict: 4*

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