Supporting Local Businesses

support small businesses lettering text on black background

It’s no secret that the economy has plummeted since the pandemic… So, my post offers tips on supporting local businesses.


Last year, I relied heavily on Etsy when planning gift ideas for loved ones. There are so many unique, handcrafted gift ideas to choose from on there! Using the location filter enables you to narrow down e-shops that are closer to you.


“What do you get someone who has everything!?!!” It’s simple: gift cards. Support local businesses by getting your mum a gift card this Mother’s Day.

Non-essential shops are currently relying heavily on gift cards as a means to remain open, particularly nail salons… Purchasing gift cards shows your loyalty.


Local restaurants and cafes will benefit from your orders. So, pop in or order online via Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat to “eat in, help out”.


Here’s another tip for you: get tipping. Where possible, go above and beyond your normal tip. That’s a great way to show that you value their service.


This particular tip raises awareness for the ‘support local businesses’ TV adverts by Google. Yes, the ones where celebrities (such as Anthony Joshua) showcase their local business, encouraging viewers to leave a good review on theirs.

Supporting Local Businesses


Where possible, continue to pay your memberships and subscriptions – even if they’ve been temporarily suspended.

If you’re blessed with a steady income, offer to pay your cleaners, hair stylists, nannies, etc. They need us and we need them.


Don’t always ask for a refund. There’s no better feeling than the one after we’ve given back. So, think of your kind gesture as a donation.


Yep, that’s right… Set up a local businesses group (via Facebook as an example) as hub for local businesses to place ads. Then promote it, getting the local residents involved. You might find that your neighbours didn’t realise such services were on offer.


If you love a business and know it’s worth saving (which all do), create a campaign on platforms like GoFundMe or start a fundraiser to raise money. Promote it to friends, and encourage them to share it with theirs and so on…

You can also get in touch with your local newspaper as they’re readily available to help out and love to support local businesses.


If you’re blessed with a talent of some kind, share it.

Offering your services to those in need is important when supporting local businesses. 9/10 times the businesses would be so taken aback by the gesture that they’ll spread the word of how amazing you are, which may result in extra business for you later down the line. But, don’t expect this!


If you stumble across a promotion or offer from a local business, share it on. It may well be something your social-media following or network would benefit from knowing about.


If you know of people / businesses in the area offering online engagements of some sort, share it on!

Therapists, tutoring, yoga, personal trainers, coaches, financial planners, lawyers, music classes for kids are all continuing and being accessed via Zoom or other video apps.

Whatever and wherever you can, do help out, make sure you’re supporting local businesses.

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Viral Videos To Get You Through Lockdown

Viral Videos

Lockdown isn’t for the fainthearted at the best of times, but to have gone through it three times?! I don’t know about you, but I’m bouncing off the walls!

How have I stayed sane? By watching endless viral videos, because the best viral anything spreads on the Internet only!

I’ve made a list of my favourite viral videos – both recent and classics!

Recent Viral Videos

A stunning UK mum, Sophie McCartney, went viral for her awesome remix of MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This. ‘I Can’t Teach This’ gives me so much life… Her moves and rap lyrics are a whole mood – because homeschooling isn’t a walk in the park. #: GRAMMAR TIME!

Who can forget Joseph and Sylvia from Doncaster? I just can’t get enough of this couple, who brought a bit of wholesome lockdown cheer by showing off their dance skills in this popular TikTok video.

The video of four year-old Milan Marie from Philadelphia singing ‘Leave Me Alone’ gets me every time… I mean, that’s exactly how I feel about this whole pandemic!

Classic Viral Videos

In lockdown, the funnest part of weekends became a trip to the supermarket… How sad is that!??? As a country (and universe), we’ve missed out on so many things. This super cool DJ, Rachel Leary, went viral for using the BBC News theme tune as her beat – re-creating club vibes by spraying some Febreeze in the air. Standard!

Everybody’s favourite work-from-home video before the world even started working from home… Children interrupt BBC News interview has to be one the funniest viral videos, ever. Unarguably.

Guy Goma… The man, the myth, the legend. Imagine going to the BBC studios for a job interview, only to be mistaken as a technology specialist – appearing live on air. Iconic AF!

I truly believe that this viral video of a boy dancing behind a BBC News Weather presenter at South Shields’ beach is one of the most underrated videos I’ve ever watched. What a hero! Make sure you watch til’ the end because it gets even funnier!

This video will forever be my favourite. It will never, ever get old. I could be 90, in a nursing home and still watching this back for some light relief. Mateo arguing his case for cupcakes is literally ALL of us – every day. It’s just, we’re arguing with ourselves over our lack of self-control.

Christmas might be over for a while, but this viral video certainly isn’t isn’t! Jackson – the four-year-old (at the time) threatening to “uppercut” Santa and “punch his beard off” for putting him on the naughty list, is an absolute LOLFEST! This is probably the most British video you’ll ever watch, and I am here for it! Poor Santa!

Rumour has it, Jackson didn’t stay on the naughty list for long, which means Santa got to keep his chin and beard in tact.

The video which proved that racism isn’t something you’re born with… What a wholesome exchange of two toddlers rushing to greet each other with a hug? In lockdown, we sure do miss hugs! Maxwell and Finnegan are absolute cuties, and remain besties til’ this day! We LOVE to see it…

One of the more recent viral video classics… Mr Motivator got us all moving after breakfast, last year. There’s no denying that his appearances brightened our mornings.

‘David After Dentist’ – just, post-anesthetic… This viral video will forever be a classic! I’m just so glad his dad recorded this video of seven-year-old David (at the time), because it’s since brought joy to so many!

Image Dysmorphia: A Real Issue That Affects Influencers

image dysmorphia

Image dysmorphia” is a form of a depression caused by low self-confidence. Its definition describes an imagined reality where our reflection in the mirror or a photograph doesn’t match what’s actually there.

For example, we could be bullied for years because of our image, work very hard on improving it (not that we need to at all!), only to imaginarily see the person we were still staring back at us.

Sometimes, it goes beyond who we were, it could even be a case of seeing a different image entirely… Our loved ones may tell us “you look great”, but we sadly just won’t believe them.

image dysmorphia

Image dysmorphia is a very real thing, particularly in the influencer world.

Although most cases are brought on by a low self-confidence (stemming from bullying), there’s evidence to suggest it can even develop from social media, plastic surgery and image-editing apps.

I’m sure that I went through image dysmorphia at some stage… How else would you explain me editing my headshot selfies to the point of unrecognisable and getting fillers in my lips!? In those days, FaceTune and YouCamMakeup were my best friends!

Honestly, I’m just glad that I didn’t (and still don’t) know my way around Photoshop. Had I learned, it would’ve opened a whole other Pandora’s box that would’ve been harder to close.

Recognising Image Dysmorphia

🌟 The taking of / posting an excessive amount of selfies on social-media frequently is a sign of image dysmorphia

If we’re not happy with ourselves, we’ll try to convince ourselves and others to be, by taking & sharing countless selfies as a way of gaining gratification. We may even go as far as editing them to fit the ‘influencer’ mould – which is counter-intuitive, leaving us open to more criticism.


It’s fair to mention that influencers aren’t entirely to blame… Before we point the finger, we need to remember that they’re under a lot of pressure as it is. The media has an image to portray, and the influencer has to adhere to it if they want to earn a living. So, you see, the fault predominantly lies with the media for creating and continuing this false narrative.

There’s so much pressure from the media, and social-media in particular, to act or be a certain way! The world has lost all authenticity.

image dysmorphia

🌟 Getting addicted to fillers or plastic surgery is another sign of image dysmorphia

As I explained above, I went through a phase where I was getting lip fillers quite regularly. It got so bad that I had to over-line my lips to disguise the botched job on them... After a few years, I decided to get them dissolved, vowing never to get them done again.

The problem with fillers or plastic surgery is: once we start, it’s hard to stop… It’s as if our mind gets programmed to see other flaws each time, the end result being: we lose sight of who we are!

TOWIE and country-music star Megan McKenna has also talked about the links between lip fillers and image dysmorphia… She too ended up removing her lip fillers, and now regrets ever getting them.

Curing image dysmorphia

Half the battle of curing image dysmorphia is realising that you have it in the first place. You can’t cure something until you notice the signs and admit there’s a problem.

Once you’ve identified it as an issue, try to train your mind to think positive affirmations… Speak them internally while you’re doing routine things like: brushing hair. It’s best to look in the mirror for this one.

Also, try talking to a therapist, ask for CBT [Cognitive Behavioural Training] is proven to treat image dysmorphia. I speak to a counsellor regularly, and it helps me a lot.

Counselling should be an affordable and standard human right in today’s society… It’s not enough to merely just tell people to “open up” without offering them an opportunity to do it! Point them in the right direction, give them the option at least.

Another way to cure image dysmorphia is by waiting to see if it’s a passing phase/fad… This isn’t ideal, and certainly not a recommendation for those who may need urgent care. However, in my case, I grew out of it. I learned to love myself!

The only other ways I can think of is praying if you’re faithful/spiritual and meditating on the word. I meditate a lot. “#AllMeditationEverything” is my mantra and chosen way of dealing with anything!

Want to share your thoughts on the topic? Hit me up in the comments!

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Covid-19: Importance of Gut Health

gut health

I’ve been doing some research and discovered that the state of our gut health has been linked to the severity of Covid symptoms.

Now, of course, may God protect us from this virus! But, also – it’s up to us to do what we can to look after ourselves.

Therefore, this post’s about the different ways you can protect yourself from Covid by supporting and strengthening your gut.

All guts have bacteria – but the trick is, to make sure that bacteria is a healthy one. How do we do that? Easily…

The best way to keep the good bacteria going is by maintaining a healthy digestive system and boosting your metabolism.

Below are a list of ways that we can boost our metabolisms.

gut health

Taking probiotics

Probiotics are found in loads of stuff… Here’s a list of foods/drinks that are enriched with the stuff!

🌟 Yogurt

🌟 Supplements (pill-form)

🌟 Actimel or Yakult

🌟 Kefir

🌟 Sauerkraut

🌟 Miso

🌟 Kombucha

🌟 Pickles

🌟 Cheese: specifically cheddar, mozzarella and gouda

I’ve gotta tell you – I’m ecstatic at finding out the health benefits of cheese! Cannot and will not live without it, and now – I have a reason.

Here’s more information on the types of foods which, when added to meal plans can benefit the gut.

And, now – for a list of ways to improve your metabolism…

gut health

Changing your lifestyle & diet

1) Increase the amount of protein in your meal-plan, where possible

2) Stay hydrated by drinking more water

3) Keep active

4) Drink green or oolong tea or black coffee

5) Try to literally spice up your meals 🌶

6) Sleep – catch some 💤 for 8 hours straight

7) Cook with coconut oil (instead of butter and cooking oil)

8) Don’t stress – a negative mental-health will have adverse affects

Of course, maintaining a balanced lifestyle and diet are key. Try to get a routine in place where you eat, sleep and get active each day.

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Loving Yourself First This Valentine’s Day

loving yourself

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, ultimately you need to be loving yourself first. Celebrate the beauty of who you are, and what makes you, you…

Like I said in a previous post, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about spending it with our significant others (of a romantic nature). They can be spent with the girls, the guys or even alone.

Before I go any further, I wanted to state something very important: ‘being alone doesn’t mean lonely’… In fact, it just means people don’t have time for drama or toxic relations.

So, let’s look at ways you can start loving yourself this Valentine’s Day… What can you do for you?

loving yourself

Read self-help books

Self-help books are a great way to improve yourself. At the end of the day, no-body can help us if we’re not willing to be helped.

My recommendations would be Fearne Cotton’s Calm and Happy. These books helped me most because they’re written by someone I could relate to, and who isn’t a mental health professional.

Loving yourself begins when you decide to make a change.

loving yourslef

Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself to better your life. Whether that means putting money aside each month for counselling, or virtual yoga or pilates classes, it’s worth it. Loving yourself comes at a cost, but make it worth your while!

loving yourself

Cut yourself some slack

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Understand that you’re a work in progress and don’t be afraid of failing/asking for help. Above all, be kinder to yourself.

Start by switching just three negative thoughts into positive ones. That’s how you change your mindset.

Have I missed anything? Let me know what works for you in the comments…

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Blogging for Beginners

blogging for beginners

In keeping with the blogging theme, I thought I’d share a post specifically for blogging beginners…

Blogging for beginners

Do some research

My advice to blogging beginners would be create a blog stands out from the crowd (which is the only way, if you want to succeed). So, do some research!

Look for a missing piece in the blogging world i.e a topic or genre that’s niche, but also up-and-coming.

While you’re there – check out what others’ look like. This will give you ideas for when you make a start on your own.

Blogging for beginners

Blogging Beginners should choose a good title for their blogs

A title that sticks is important when you wish to grow and develop on it in future.

The key here is to make sure it’s not only creative, but sums up what your blog’s going to be about.

Blogging for beginners

Blogging beginners should invest in a good logo or theme

Branding and aesthetic are vital. First impressions really count.

The way your blog looks matters more than what’s on it, in some cases. Especially nowadays when people’s attention span for reading is getting shorter by the day. Take time into making it look appealing!

Blogging for beginners

Let your personality shine through

The worst thing you can do is write in the same way that you think “everyone else” writes. A successful blog shouldn’t/doesn’t feel transcribed, copy-pasted or robotic.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself or authentic. That’s how you attract the right audience for you.

Blogging for beginners

Be patient

Slow and steady wins the race… W’addup turts!? 🐢

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was your blog. Take your time with it, don’t rush perfection.

Blogging for beginners

Don’t stress over posts that fail or don’t do as well as you’d hoped

Blogging, particularly for beginners, is about trial and error.

If you’re going to be scared of failing, or posting something that doesn’t necessarily do well SEO-wise, there’ll be no posts on your blog.

Blogging for beginners

Be consistent

Another advice for blogging beginners would be: test out posting times/days to find which works for you and offers maximum engagement. Once you’ve found it, stick to it.

Blogging for beginners

Keep that passion and determination

Don’t lose the passion and determination. Keep things fresh. Ultimately, the most successful blogs are packed with posts about topics that the author’s passionate about. That’s how you win long-term.

Blogging for beginners

Have fun with it

Blogging should never feel like a chore… If it does, you’re doing it wrong.

Blogging for beginners

Engage with other bloggers

Build up your audience by engaging with other bloggers. If your content is what they’re looking for, you might even get the same back.

Having said that, don’t expect engagement. On the off-chance that it they don’t reciprocate, don’t take it to heart… It’s nothing personal.

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Dealing with a Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

For years now I’ve had an inflammatory situation that affects both knees mainly… However, only recently I received a suspected Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis.

It’s tough, because I’d hoped that it was a sports injury which kept coming back (at least, that’s what I told myself!)

After countless MRIs – it’s safe to say it isn’t… With a sports injury, it’s not something that continues for years. They usually resolve themselves over time…

Time heals all wounds

But, seeing as mine kept coming back, there was reason to suggest an underlying factor was at play.

Honestly, I was reluctant to agree with any arthritis diagnosis for long time because: apart from the fluid in my knees (which fluctuates and moves around), I didn’t have any pains in other joints. (And, was too busy swimming in Denial, the best river Egypt has to offer 😭)

After my most recent flare-up, I thought I’d put this post together about a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis (or Osteoarthritis) in case it helps anyone at all.

I’ll start with tips on how to control it…

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

Listen to your rheumatologist when they give you a diagnosis

Consultants and rheumatologist alike, really listen to the experts. I know I’ve learned my lesson, albeit the hard way – accept that rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, and find a way to work with it. We think we know ourselves, but their qualifications paired with experience means they know better.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

Find a good physiotherapist

Finding a good physiotherapist after your rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis is everything. I prefer the gentler ones who use an ultrasound machine (which gets deep into the muscle tissue). I’ve quite literally limped into the clinic, only to walk almost normally back out.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

Taking the right vitamins & supplements

It’s vital that you boost up your vitamins and supplements intake after a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. The most commonly known vitamins to take for this sort of condition are: A, C, and E, and vitamins D and K.

In terms of supplements, try: Q-10, Ginko biloba, MSM, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Curcumin, Turmeric, and Fish oil. And of the teas: nettle is best.

FYI: I’m going to be testing out another one which I won’t mention just yet… My aim is to try it out and then give an honest review (backed up by studies I came across).

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

Changing my food habits after a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis

Admittedly, I consumed a lot of sugar and carbs, but very little dairy previously. This is not good for most conditions, least of all an auto-immune one.

After finding the correlation between food habits and flare-ups, I decided to cut down entirely on sugar, boost my dairy intake (although I still to this day can’t live without carbs).

Jesus is the bread of life

John 6:35-59 ✝️

There’s a meal-plan specifically formulated to combat RA which I’m going to try for a week and will circle back once completed.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

Start your day with some stretches, find some videos on YouTube

Since my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, I was recommended to do some stretches. I’m not going to lie – they kinda help me, but also don’t… What I mean is, the level of help is dependent on the stage of flare-up!

For example, if I’m in the peak stage of a flare-up, trying to copy the moves [when my leg feels like a Rottweiler is strapped to it] just isn’t going to work! I’m just not going to be able to lift it off the bed, or feel when/if the muscle is tensing.

The key is to remember to do the stretches in the early stages, which, let’s be real, I’m too busy stressing out & crying over it to bother, at that point.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

Taking medication is important after a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis

Whether you’re taking Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol along with your Methotrexate, they’re being prescribed for a reason. Take them, but if you feel unusual side-effects coming on, let your doctors know immediately. In which case, there are loads of other treatments you can try such as acupuncture or reflexology.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

Hot and cold compression

During the peak of a flare-up, only apply cold compression – as applying heat makes the blood rush to the inflammation, making the swelling worse.

Other than that, if you feel a flare-up coming on, try to prevent it by alternating between cold and hot compression. An ice pack and a heatpad work well.

Normal hot water bottles and ice packs burned my skin, so I’ve had to resort to a heatpad and teething ice moulds! 😂 Honestly, they’re golden.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

Wrapping up warm

Our joints are more sensitive in autumn winter months… So, keep your joints warm at all times.

Now for the coping part…

Keep a diary – note each flare-up from start to finish, even before to after if you can. From this, you should be able to see a pattern forming. Once you know, it could be easier to prevent in future.🤞

Accept it – there’s a lot of strength that comes from/with accepting something. No, you can’t change it, you just have to live with it and find a way to work around it.

Stay positive – a negative mindset won’t solve anything. It won’t take the pain away, nor cure it. Stay strong.

Don’t take anything for granted – honestly, the times before a flare-up are dynamite and I feel so, so blessed.

To be honest, I feel blessed either way – because this is a minor ailment in the grand scheme of things, but: it just feels so good when there’s no pain!

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Working from Home Tips

working from home tips

Are you looking for some ‘working from home’ tips? WFH sure has lasted a lot longer than anyone ever expected, and I don’t know if I’m the only one – but it honestly feels like all the days are blending into one…

It’s like an extended version of the period between Christmas and New Year, where no-body knows what day it is… That’s literally what this whole year has felt like for me! 🙈

So, I thought I’d put this post together about how to stay sane while working from home for another year!

working from home tips

Working from home tips – #1: Have a routine

Routines are so important… This includes waking up at a certain time, going to sleep at a certain time, eating at a certain time, and shutting off your work laptop at a certain time…

Getting into a routine is not only great for mental health, but for ensuring a smoother transition when things get back to normal.

Make some time for meditation, or a walk outdoors. Being out in nature really helps the mind.

working from home tips

Working from home tips – #2: make sure your work room is different from your leisure room

If you have the luxury of multiple rooms, use one as your office, and another for leisure. I mean, when your bedroom is also your office, it can be really hard to switch off!

Of course, not everybody does, and in the event that you don’t – maybe try cordoning off a section of the room for work, and make the other specifically for leisure.

working from home tips

Working from home tips – #3: try not to be negative

It’s so easy to be negative, especially in such a negative situation like the one we’ve found ourselves in… But, always try to see the positives. That’s what’ll get us through!

working from home tips

Working from home tips – #4: be social

As easy as it is to become a shy and retiring wallflower, it’s more important than ever to reach out to loved ones, seeing them as much as you normally would IRL.

This pandemic has really tested all of us, and taught us too, so – make the most of phone calls, texts and video calls.

working from home tips

Working from home tips – #5: practice gratitude

Being grateful only leads to blessings. And trust me, even though it really doesn’t seem like it, there is a lot to be grateful for!

Working from home tips – #6: join virtual clubs to learn new skills

If there’s a skill you want to pick up as part of a new year resolution, now’s your chance

Better still, why not try finding online classes for local clubs, that way, you’ll be supporting the community and meeting likeminded people in your neighbourhood.

working from home tips

Working from home tips – #7: play online games

I don’t know anyone who’s watched The Queen’s Gambit and not wanted to learn chess. Or anyone who’s not playing Among Us. They’re both awesome games that’ll help up stay sane amongst the craziness!

working from home tips

Working from home tips – #8: stay on top of your mental health

Take your vitamins and minerals. Above all, your immune system needs boosting – now more than ever.

working from home tips

Working from home tips – #9: read more

The worst thing you can do is sit on your phone, scrolling through social media all day… Read a book. Learn something, unwind & lose yourself in a good book.

working from home tips

Working from home tips – #10: Watch some movies or boxsets

A life that’s all work and no play isn’t healthy… Press the ‘play’ button on your favourite films/TV shows or even get into some podcasts!

working from home tips

Working from home tips – #11 – volunteer if you can

There might be some opportunities in the area, so keep an eye out for them. It’s really rewarding, and important.

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Grow Your Blog While Working Full-Time

grow your blog

I’m a hobby-blogger, but I’ve come across full-time bloggers who are loving it! This post focusses specifically on how to grow your blog while maintaining a full-time job…

grow your blog

Grow your blog by writing your posts in advance

Balance is vital. So, I write my posts in the evenings or weekends, and publish them later.

If you’re running out of ideas for posts, check out Macy Michelle‘s awesome and very current list.

grow your blog

Schedule your posts

WordPress has its own version, but it doesn’t work for me… I end up manually having to post it – or else it stays in the Scheduled tab.

Instead, another way to grow your blog would be giving Tweetdeck or Hootsuite a try when scheduling your posts.

I’ve found that an 8:30am and 4:30pm UK posting time works for me at the moment, especially as I’m currently averaging two posts a-day.

grow your blog

Post on Facebook groups

I spent a chunk of my evenings on Facebook and Twitter, this is the only way to grow my blog – whilst keeping my dayjob.

I’ll share posts in relevant groups. For example, when I wrote my supporting small or local business post post, I found Facebook groups dedicated to connecting locals living in various regions across the UK.

grow your blog

Grow your blog on Twitter

Honestly, this is one of the best ways. The people you find on there are so engaging! They’ll support, follow, like and comment on that specific post you shared.

The Twitter handles I recommend you following and even including in your Twitter posts include: @BloggersHut, @GoldenBloggerz, @BloggersTribe, @bloggingbees, @theclique_uk, @cosyblogclub.

An example of this would be…

Another part of Twitter to take advantage of are the #hashtags. Look for ‘#WritersLift’ or ‘share a post’ threads. But, make sure that you actually follow the rules!

🌟 Following the account which started the thread

🌟 Retweeting the thread

🌟 Sharing others’ posts from the thread

🌟 Commenting on posts from the thread

The final part of Twitter which I find useful is the Lists. If you start by following the blogging lists, you’ll get a chance to engage with more bloggers, seeing the type of posts they share for inspiration. If you keep at it, they might even include you in them!

grow your blog

Grow your blog by making use of the ‘Discover’ button on WordPress Reader

I’ve met some incredible bloggers through this feature! I’ve grown my WordPress blog’s following and maintained engagement with all who I’ve found.

The best part is that you can type keywords into the ‘Discover‘ button and find likeminded bloggers, who write about that exact topic!

Also, if you’re on WordPress (or any other blog platform), remember to tag and categorise your posts.

Top tip: make sure your tags aren’t the same as your categories. Also, don’t use the same tags in multiple posts. My advice is: try to ensure they’re different each time.

Another top tip: don’t overtag. I’ve found that three-four tags work, maximum ten. Excessively tagging actually lowers your algorithm.

The final tip: sounds silly, tags are case-sensitive. Lowercase works best for tagging.

grow your blog

Pin stuff on Pinterest

I actually don’t know how to use this, so I’m not going to talk about it much… But, I’ve heard it’s great for others who decided to grow their blog.

grow your blog

Don’t stress, just be consistent

I’ve saved the best to last… You can throw so much money into ads, you can even guest blog – but there are no guarantees that your content will be accepted, or even that the ads will bear fruit.

My main advice is don’t stress. Just be consistent. That’s the safest and most organic way to grow your blog.

If you do it any other way, you’ll lose the enjoyment. Keep an eye out on your previous posts that worked well, and focus on reinventing (or advancing) on them.

Like I said, I blog for fun, as a hobby and for stress-relief… I can’t see myself blogging for money, because I’d probably lose the enjoyment I get from it. If that does happen later down the line, it’d be an added bonus I didn’t expect.

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