Epiphany Feast Day


** This post is inspired by Dream to Cook **

January 6th is known as the ‘Epiphany Feast’ day in the Christian faith. It’s the day of the three Kings, when Jesus got baptised and when some say is his official birthday.

The 6th of January (day of Epiphany Feast) is also recognised as the 12th day of Christmas, the last chance to take down the tree and all decorations.


Tonight, my household and I celebrated the Epiphany Feast by ordering a Galette des Rois (King’s Cake) from ‘So Choux’ in Fulham, London.

If you’re in England and looking for a French patisserie that offers the full Parisienne experience, choose So Choux!


Fun fact: hidden inside the Epiphany Feast pastry is a special prize, the person who finds it is crowned the King or Queen (hence the gold crown). Traditionally, the special prize symbolises prosperity for the whole year.

What does a Epiphany Feast Pastry (Galette des Rois) taste like?

It’s pretty much like an almond croissant – but in filo pastry pie form. The inside is filled with layers of filo and frangipane (identical to an almond croissant).


What’s the best bit?

Everything about this Epiphany Feast pastry (Galette des Rois) was amazing – from the filo, to the filling &/or the glazed pattern on the top.

It’s fresh and divine. The showstopper for me, aside from the taste, has to be the flower pattern on the top – it truly is a work of art. These pictures don’t do it justice!

Joining the Galette (in the picture) was a teapot filled with chamomile tea, and raspberry still lemonade in the jug.

Also, you may notice the tea-light candle in the back which used to resemble a purple cactus before it melted gracefully… I bought it from Lourdes. 💜 🌵 🕯

Have you ever had a Epiphany Feast pastry (Galette des Rois)? Let me know in the comments. ✨

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