Covid-19: Importance of Gut Health

gut health

I’ve been doing some research and discovered that the state of our gut health has been linked to the severity of Covid symptoms.

Now, of course, may God protect us from this virus! But, also – it’s up to us to do what we can to look after ourselves.

Therefore, this post’s about the different ways you can protect yourself from Covid by supporting and strengthening your gut.

All guts have bacteria – but the trick is, to make sure that bacteria is a healthy one. How do we do that? Easily…

The best way to keep the good bacteria going is by maintaining a healthy digestive system and boosting your metabolism.

Below are a list of ways that we can boost our metabolisms.

gut health

Taking probiotics

Probiotics are found in loads of stuff… Here’s a list of foods/drinks that are enriched with the stuff!

🌟 Yogurt

🌟 Supplements (pill-form)

🌟 Actimel or Yakult

🌟 Kefir

🌟 Sauerkraut

🌟 Miso

🌟 Kombucha

🌟 Pickles

🌟 Cheese: specifically cheddar, mozzarella and gouda

I’ve gotta tell you – I’m ecstatic at finding out the health benefits of cheese! Cannot and will not live without it, and now – I have a reason.

Here’s more information on the types of foods which, when added to meal plans can benefit the gut.

And, now – for a list of ways to improve your metabolism…

gut health

Changing your lifestyle & diet

1) Increase the amount of protein in your meal-plan, where possible

2) Stay hydrated by drinking more water

3) Keep active

4) Drink green or oolong tea or black coffee

5) Try to literally spice up your meals 🌶

6) Sleep – catch some 💤 for 8 hours straight

7) Cook with coconut oil (instead of butter and cooking oil)

8) Don’t stress – a negative mental-health will have adverse affects

Of course, maintaining a balanced lifestyle and diet are key. Try to get a routine in place where you eat, sleep and get active each day.

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