womens day
My mother

As we look back on International Women’s Day 2020, I honestly cannot put into words how proud I am to be a woman… Women can do it all, singlehandedly. My mother is testament to and of that.

My mother has forever been my best friend. I tell her everything, and she is the only human being on this Earth who holds me most accountable!

Celebrating Womens Day:

She has taught me strength, independence, self-sufficiency, honesty, integrity and only ever instilled peace within me…

Mum taught me patience, her love for me is unwavering and unconditional. Growing up, I wasn’t easy to handle (are pubescent, hormonal young people ever ‘easy to handle’!?) – but she managed to raise me & my brother alone mostly.

My mother is my hero. She is what International Women’s Day is all about… Women who are equal. Women who are empowered/empowering. Women who lead. Woman is she, and she is my mum.

womens day

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