Hola! Welcome back to my blog for another post… ☺️

So, in keeping with “variety is the spice of life”, which is pretty much my motto of the month, here’s another topic entirely: books.

This post was inspired by That Happy Reader.

Below I’ll list my favourite books of the year (all of which are romantic comedies, because I haven’t got time for anything else). I’m a lover and a laugher.

Before we get into it, let’s kick things off with my favourite writers of all time, shall we?

My favourite writers

  1. Lindsay Kelk
  2. Sophie Kinsella
  3. Jacqueline Wilson (had to add Jacqueline in this list, as an ode to my teen years)
  4. Meg Cabot

I can honestly say Lindsay, Sophie, Jacqueline and Meg have never written a book I didn’t like.

Since the start of writing this blog post, I’ve come across more writers that have piqued my interest. So, look out for my review of those in the coming months.

Books I’ve Read in 2020


Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey

This is one of those books that had me laughing out loud. It tells the story of Annie Cassidy, a screenwriter and budding movie journalist, who has her sights set on Tom Hanks… She ends up working on a film with her dream man, which coincidentally is being filmed in her neighbourhood… But, ends up falling for the lead actor, a cocky prankster.

Basically just more proof that what we think we want, we don’t always get.


Roomies by Christina Lauren

Christina & Lauren are simply unstoppable. They’re doing a lot to keep their title as New York Times’ Bestselling Author, because Roomies is dynamite. ‘Golden’ if you will..

This dazzling book tells the story of Holland Bakker and Calvin McLoughlin. Fake marriage anyone? Only, this “fake marriage” ends up turning into one with real feelings, oh – and it’s a set in New York. What’s not to love!?!

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord


I love the name ‘Emma’ and I love the Lord, it also helps that Twitter is my favourite social-media platform… So, all in all, a dead-cert book for me, and one that I knew I’d enjoy.

Think Gossip Girl and/or Mean Girls – it definitely gives off those type of vibes.

The plot itself is more You’ve Got Mail or A Cinderella Story, though…

Also set in New York, this book tells the tale of Patricia (better known as Pepper) who becomes close with her classmate Jack (who has a thing for developing apps) without realising his identity. They meet anonymously via school’s messaging app, but there’s a twist…

In real-life, Pepper runs the Twitter account for her family’s large fast-food burger chain. Jack’s family own a small downtown deli – selling a famous grilled cheese sandwich. Both Jack & Pepper end up in a Twitter spat over the alleged “stolen” grilled cheese sandwich recipe.

It has everything from teenage banter to Twitter spats. Fab-U-lous!


This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

Minnie and Quinn were both born at the same time, on the same day, in the same place. (Thankfully, not to the same parents or else that would be weird, disgusting and the word that sounds like ‘incense’!)

He is a privileged party boy who believes the world is his for the taking. She is a hard-working realist, whose lack of confidence tends to hold her back.

They meet on their birthday (at a NYE party) and embark on a friendship that slowly develops into something more, as Quinn tries his luck.


Would Like To Meet by Rachel Winters

Evie Summers is on the verge of losing her job, and the only person that can save it is her film agency’s client (who’s notorious for being its biggest but most difficult client), Ezra Chester.

Cutting the plot-line short, Evie is waiting for Ezra’s screenplay script. Unfortunately, Ezra is refusing to write the script (because of writer’s block) but bides time by asking Evie to prove that real love can be like the movies before submitting it… Good luck with that, Evie!

Probably the most ridiculous book I’ve ever read, but funny nonetheless hence why it made my list.

I’m looking to read more in 2021, and have started making a list of the books I’d like to get through. Any recommendations? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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