afternoon tea

Calling all ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and afternoon tea fans.. I’m so excited to bring you this post!

I was gifted this brilliant little hamper for Christmas, by one of my lifelong & closest friends – who I’d regularly (prior-to-Covid) meet up with for afternoon teas – bringing our mums along…

Before I go any further: special thanks and a shout-out to Natalie (pictured with me below) for this amazing & very thoughtful gift! ❤️

afternoon tea
Us at Fortnum & Mason

There isn’t much I love more than an afternoon tea… No-thanks to Covid, we haven’t been able to go out to any this year! 😭

So, I decided to buy a Sara Miller cake stand (pictured in top photo) as a way of bringing afternoon teas to us, if we can’t go to them…

I wasted no time in putting Natalie’s present to good use, by making an at-home afternoon tea for me and my household. Isn’t it gorgeous!?!

Tell me more about the afternoon tea

All sandwiches, pastries and cakes were bought from M&S Food Hall, listed below…

afternoon tea

M&S Collection Santa Hat Profiteroles (top row)

This was a unanimous standout favourite… Choux pastries filled to the brim with delicious raspberry crème pâtissière & delicately topped with raspberry flavoured white chocolate fondant. 

Victoria sandwiches mini-cake (second row)

We usually always go for scones (whichever way you pronounce it), but we thought we’d mix things up a little with these mini Victoria sandwiches.

A butter sponge, combined with a strawberry jam and buttercream centre, topped with light dusting of sugar.

Strawberry Cornish Clotted Cream Sundaes (second row)

Delightful. We absolutely loved this.

A butter pastry filled with Cornish clotted cream buttercream and a sprinkle of dried strawberries.

Who knew straight up cholesterol 😂 and dried strawberry crumbs could be so delightful!?
Seriously though, very moreish.

Cheesecake Bites (top row)

Vanilla cheesecake bites dusted with edible glitter.

Sandwiches (bottom row)

Ham & Cheese

Egg & Cress

Prawn cocktail

Cheese and tomato

afternoon tea

What was in the afternoon tea hamper?

Okay, now – back to the hamper (pictured above)…

It comes with sachets of Galaxy hot chocolate, Nescafé Gold Cappuccino, Twinings Cranberry & Raspberry and Everyday Breakfast (also by Twinings).

There was also a bag of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ crunchy mint dark chocolate discs 😋, a notebook (as I love to write) and a pen. 📓🖊🥰

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